• Rise of the Robo Advisors – Should You Use One?
    Rise of the Robo Advisors – Should You Use One?
  • Personal Capital Review
    Personal Capital Review - Best Financial Aggregator?
  • Who is the SEC and What is Insider Trading?
    Who is the SEC and What is Insider Trading?
  • Best Investment Tools - The Financial Services We Recommend
    Best Investment Tools We Recommend
  • Betterment Review
    Betterment 2014 Review
  • How Retiring Early Can Affect Your Family
    How Retiring Early Can Affect Your Family
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7 Reasons Why You Won’t Regret Saving Early for Retirement

saving early for retirement

Let’s be completely honest; planning for early retirement will require a large dose of sacrifice early in life, a time when most people are focused mainly on enjoying themselves. But if you get serious about saving for early retirement, the time will come when you won’t regret it. A little extra work and discipline now, […]

Betterment vs. Wealthfront – How Do These Robo-Advisors Compare?

betterment vs wealthfront

Automated investment platforms seem to be springing up all over the web. Some are gaining a reputation well ahead of the pack. Two examples of this are Betterment and Wealthfront. In so many ways, the platforms function in similar fashion. But there are differences between the two that could serve you and your investments better.

TradeKing Promotional Code 2014


TradeKing is offering five valid signup promotions. See the review of TradeKing for the experience I’ve had with them. I’ve been with TradeKing for approximately 5 years now. I like their customer service, and cost per trade. If you currently aren’t a customer, or you are unsatisfied with your existing discount broker, now might be […]

What’s Going on with Betterment? An Interview with Founder & CEO Jon Stein


I met Jon Stein, the founder and CEO of Betterment, at a lunch a couple of years ago, at a Financial Media conference called FinCon. I remember being impressed with his knowledge of the financial industry and investing, as well as his passion when talking about Betterment. I went home from FinCon and opened an […]

How to Pay Off Student Loans in This Economy

Minimize Student Loan Debt While Attending College

The economy is definitely better than it was a few years ago, but let’s be honest — it’s not really that good. That’s especially true if you are a recent college graduate trying to navigate your way into the job market, and carrying a big load of student debt in your backpack. How can you […]

What’s Your Retirement Number? How Much Do You Need to Retire Comfortably?

retirement number

Saving for retirement can be something of a Catch-22 — you’re saving money, and you keep saving money, because the goal isn’t always well-defined. That’s why you need to establish how much you really need in order to retire comfortably. Until you know what that number is, there’s really no way to know if you’re […]

Recent Reviews

The Mint Manual Book Review – How To Use Mint.com

The mint manual

By now you’ve probably heard about Mint.com and how to use it to manage your finances. By linking all your accounts, you get an overall snapshot of where your money is going, and the progress you’re making on your goals. But do you really know how to make Mint.com work to your advantage? This is […]

Betterment Review – Asset Allocation Made Simple


In this low-interest rate environment most investors know parking their money in a bank CD is almost a surefire way to lose money against inflation. For the average individual, investing in the stock market can be complicated. So, what is someone to do?

The Annuity Stanifesto by Stan Haithcock – Book Review

The Annuity Stanifesto

One of the most confusing financial products on the planet is the annuity. There are so many different types of annuities that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Annuities come with different terms, benefits, transfer rules, and different ways of earning money. From market-index annuities to fixed-rate annuities and from immediate annuities […]

Kiva Review – Microfinancing That Changes Lives


Kiva is a fairly new kind of microfinancing venture that empowers people around the world to change lives with a $25 loan. Since starting in 2005, their goal has been to connect people all around the globe with the funds they need to bring their business ideas to life. Kiva is made up of volunteers, […]

Rebalance IRA Review – Personal Service at a Low Cost

Rebalance IRA

When it comes to your long-term retirement plan, the sad reality is that you are often your own worst enemy. Too often, you end up sabotaging yourself with high fees, or by frequent trading. The wrong asset allocation might also trip you up. Figuring out how to stay out of your own way, and make […]

Wealthfront Review – A Software-Based Financial Advisor


Wealthfront is a wealth management system with an emphasis on asset allocation with low fees. It’s based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and they believe the optimal mix of asset classes is more important than security selection.

YCharts Review – Alternative to Bloomberg Terminal?


YCharts is an investment research data service that could be called the web based version of a Bloomberg Terminal. In essence, YCharts is making a prettier, more data metrics, and user-friendly Yahoo or Google Finance while delivering hard-to-calculate data in a quick and easy format. We have updated this YCharts review for 2014.

The Death of Money by James Rickards – Book Review

The Death of Money by James Rickards

If you think the end of the global economy as we know it is nigh, the latest book by James Rickards, The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System will worry you further. Even for those who don’t think we’re staring into the maw of the financial abyss might become concerned after […]

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