• Find the Right Professional to Put on Your Team
    Find the Right Professional to Put on Your Team
  • Why Cash Flow is More Important than Net Worth
    Why Cash Flow is More Important than Net Worth
  • Quicken 2014 Review
    Quicken 2014 Review
  • Can Thinking Like the Other Gender Boost Your Portfolio?
    Can Thinking Like the Other Gender Boost Your Portfolio?
  • Best Investment Tools - The Financial Services We Recommend
    Best Investment Tools We Recommend
  • Personal Capital Review
    Personal Capital Review - Best Financial Aggregator?
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How to Use Crowdfunding as an Alternative Way of Investing

crowdfunding investing

There’s been a lot of coverage about crowdfunding and though it isn’t new, it got a nice shot in the arm in 2012 when Congress passed the JOBS Act. JOBS is actually an acronym for Jumpstart Our Business Startups. Among other things, it advanced the cause for crowdfunding for investment purposes, and that’s why it’s […]

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Incorporating Your Business Online

incorporating a business online

Technology has made it easier than ever to start a business. We’ve talked about how starting a business is one of the best investments you can make. Not only can you run your business online, creating immense freedom for yourself and your family, but it’s often possible to incorporate your business online as well.

Eight Ways to Make $25 Or More Today

make money promotions

Everyone likes to make money investing right? Pick one of the one of the eight investment options below and get cold hard cash. It’s like an instant return of your money. Unfortunately, the offers listed require to deposit some money into their accounts. As the saying goes, “it takes money to make money”, and these […]

Don’t Panic During Down Markets, Take These 5 Steps Instead

stock market prices

The financial markets have been moving in predictable patterns of late, so it can be hard to imagine the panic that sets in when they start behaving more erratically. Panic is a common human emotion, and can easily take hold when we face the prospect of losing money.

Last-Minute Tax Tips: 7 Ways to Reduce Your Tax Bill Today


Today is the last day to get your taxes filed to the IRS, or file a tax extension, without incurring a penalty that is. You can also receive an extra tax deduction if you open certain retirement accounts. We list out the important details you don’t want to miss, and how you can reduce your […]

WiseBanyan Review: The First Free Financial Advisor?


Are you sick and tired of hearing about free financial advice that turns out to not really be free? Well a new startup named WiseBanyan could be the solution you’re looking for. WiseBanyan claims to be the world’s first free financial advisor, and offers a new approach to investing. But is it really free? We […]

Recent Reviews

Morningstar Review – Is The Premium Membership Worth It?

morningstar review

I’ve been a Morningstar premium member for about ten years now. They are a great resource to help assist you in your investment decisions. Their ratings system is universally known throughout the investment community. Originally they only reviewed mutual funds, but a few years ago added stocks to their reviews. Personally I look at services like Morningstar […]

Quicken Alternatives – Is There Anything Better?

quicken alternatives

While Quicken is one of the most popular personal finance software options out there, as well as a favorite here at Investor Junkie, it isn’t the only option. For those who are looking for something different, here are some other desktop alternatives to consider.

ShareBuilder Review


ShareBuilder is one of the oldest online brokerage firms. One could say that ShareBuilder and I go way back. In fact, it was the first equity trading account that I ever opened in my investment career. I have since opened accounts for two of my three children. Since I have had a good bit of […]

FutureAdvisor Review – Automatically Manage Investments


FutureAdvisor is an online investment advisor that automatically manages your investments. It helps you to do this in an advantageous way by using modern portfolio theory (or MPT), to build and maintain a portfolio to maximize your return based on certain levels of risk indicated by your investor profile.

LikeFolio Review – Where Investing Meets Social Media


People rarely invest for the sole reason of it being fun and interesting. They invest to build wealth, and set up systems that allow them to set it and forget it when it comes to their portfolios. But what if there was a company that combined investing with the average millennial’s favorite thing — social […]

Finovera Review — Manage Your Statements in One Place


“I was trying to manage my own financial documents and bills, and everything else, and the paperwork was overwhelming,” says Purna Pareek, the founder and CEO of the web application Finovera. “I decided it was time to go digital.”

TD Bank Review – Smart and Convenient Banking for Investors

TD Bank

Are you tired of working with banks that keep are never open when you have a question, or they don’t cater to your investment needs? If so, you may want to look into TD Bank. It is open on evenings and weekends -– including Sundays -– as well as most holidays. And it’s a sister […]

Consumer Reports Money Adviser Review

Consumer reports Money Adviser

One of the most trusted names in reviews and advice is Consumer Reports. My husband receives it each month, and never makes a purchase without first checking to see what Consumer Reports has to say on the subject. A few years ago, Consumer Reports introduced a smaller publication devoted to finances, called Consumer Reports Money […]

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