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Leverage your investments to make more money. Including stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses and alternative investments not often discussed.

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This site is not about some “get rich quick” method. It’s about steadily making money work for you creating multiple streams of income that are passive, and active: stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses, and alternative investments not often discussed. You won’t see Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey discussing many of these topics. We look at investing as anything you set aside money for, with the hope of having more of it at the end. It’s much more related to financial freedom and personal finance.

It’s about helping you become a better investor.

worry about short-term losses

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How to Stop Worrying About Short-Term Investment Losses

Even long-term investors can find themselves feeling uncomfortable about short-term losses in this stock market environment. After all, nobody likes to lose money, and a double-digit loss in your portfolio could have negative implications for your long-term financial plans. In order to successfully build wealth, you have to learn to stop worrying about short-term losses.

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