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What odd times we are living in. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple (AAPL), died on Wednesday at the ripe young age of 56 years old. He ranks up there with the likes of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Walt Disney. Yet the same day Steve dies, a disjointed group of individuals from Occupy Wall Street were out in full force. At a time we should be celebrating capitalism and one of best (if not the best) entrepreneurs of our era, we instead have people protesting against capitalism and how it doesn’t work. They want their fair share from the 1%ers, nevermind the fact they aren’t entitled to someone else’s labor.

Last Thursday I personally went down to the park where Occupy Wall Street is squatting to see what it was about. I mostly saw what could be described as a disjoint group of individuals with many different ideas some completely juxtapose to each other. It could be best described as a bunch of “hippies”. I saw signs praising socialism, communism, and beefs against capitalism. The best one was: Sally Mae student loans should be forgiven. Ironically the group is protesting against Wall Street bailouts, but I guess it’s ok if the bailout is directed to their cause. The blogger Thousandaire has pointed this out best: Wall Street isn’t the group they should be protesting against. It wasn’t Wall Street that gave them the money; it was our own government. Many of these banks and Wall Street firms would have collapsed if it weren’t for our government bailing them out.

A Job Is A Right
A Job Is A Right. Right! Sure it is.

Yes I sure sympathize with this group and their anger, and in that way it is similar to the Tea Party movement. But at least with the Tea Party movement it was organized and focused from the beginning. The Tea Party’s mantra could be summarized in an elevator pitch: government is too big, needs to decrease in size, and in the process increase one’s liberty. All I see with Occupy Wall Street is a mob, basically mad at the world, and venting their frustrations to an amorphous blob of fat cat bankers and 1% earners. As if everyone in that group is evil and does not deserve the income they generate. It’s presumed if you earn a lot of money, you must have taken advantage of others or done something immoral.

What is the end game with Occupy Wall Street? Damned if I know, and they don’t seem to have a clue either. It’s certainly not an “American Fall” that I’ve seen some articles compare to the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring was against oppression and tyrant governments limiting freedom. Is this group for more individual freedom? I think not, with the welcoming of unions and other traditional extreme leftist ideas.

The movement appears to be very anti-corporate. I saw a bastardized American flag with corporate logos to replace the stars. Yet it’s been reported that many use the local McDonald’s restroom. Capitalism can’t be all that bad, when nature is calling.

Steve Jobs was part of the 1%ers they state are so evil. Is it then companies that create must needed goods and services (i.e. oil and medical) for a profit are considered evil, yet for other companies that aren’t a must need it’s ok? Can someone legitimately explain the difference to me?

Little did the protesters know they were secretly celebrating capitalism, while marching on Wall Street. I mostly saw Apple computers (probably bought by their parents), and other Apple products used on the park grounds. Ironically, they are tweeting, posting messages to Facebook and on YouTube to get the message out. All capitalistic inventions from our least regulated industry – technology. It’s no accident that the technology industry has taken off in over thirty years since Apple has been founded. Does anyone really think heavy regulations, a Technology Czar and Unions would have made things better?? We would have wound up with technology similar to the East German auto manufacturer Tarbant.

Steve Jobs also came from that 60’s era when hippies first appeared. Many considered Steve a hippie: his trek to India, his religious Buddhism beliefs, his love for the Beatles and Bob Dylan, and strict vegetarian diet. But this is where the similarities to Steve and the protesters of Wall Street end.

Steve was perhaps one of the most driven individuals. He was pretty much a role model of what a capitalist and entrepreneur would be like. If the protesters had 1/10 of the drive that Steve Jobs had, perhaps they, too, could create something insanely great. Perhaps Steve can be a role model to the protesters to think different and apply themselves instead of blaming others for their personal ills.

This is an unreleased 1997 commercial with Steve Jobs doing the narration instead of Richard Dreyfuss. Perhaps what is said has much more meaning now that he is gone. Knowing Steve, and his attention to details, it’s almost guaranteed had direct involvement with creating this commercial.

Apple was founded during the last malaise our country saw in the 1970’s. Yet I’m seeing articles, similar to the 70’s, again stating the decline of America. Now because of one man is gone, America will go to hell in a handbasket? Perhaps someone should have told Steve Jobs before he cofounded Apple. How different would have our society and culture been without Steve Jobs, Pixar and Apple?

Yes, it’s true Apple only employs around 50,000 people. The ecosystem around Apple products, directly or indirectly created, (or saved as our government likes to state) hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of jobs. You want a real job stimulus? Make it easy for the entrepreneurs of our country to become the next Steve Jobs, not having to deal with over regulated red tape and high taxes punishing success.

We will see a new wave of entrepreneurs, dare I say maybe someone even better than Steve Jobs, arise from the ashes of our current economic troubles.

The protestors on Wall Street are lumping individuals like Steve Jobs in with the legitimately corrupt, but that is just a small minority of 1%ers. Steve Jobs created more jobs and wealth than anyone could have imagined from his adopted childhood. The angry mob is targeting the wrong street. The group should be occupying Pennsylvania Avenue, not Wall Street, for the failed economy policies, and not letting the true leaders lead us out of this economic crisis.

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  1. Anon says

    You are forgetting that Steve Jobs paid his workers dirt cheap rates and moved out his factories to China and anywhere else, as long as it was out of the US. Suicide rates were high in his factories.

    Steve Jobs was a globalist, and globalism is bad. Ever heard of a one world/New World Order?

    • says

      @Anon: Three comments on your false premise:

      – And these workers in China were doing what before? In most cases farming. Their working and living conditions are much better than previously.
      – They were paid more than they previously made.
      – Customers demanded the price of Apple’s products. Do you think if it were American made it would be able to compete with other products in the US, or around the world?

      Whether you like it or not, globalism is here to stay.