Everything I Learned About Finance I Got From Attending FINCON12

Well not really, but I did learn a lot. As I am writing this, I’m listening to Pink Floyd’s “Money”, while flying over New York. I just left the Financial Blogger Conference (otherwise known as FINCON12) in Denver Colorado. While it’s great for someone like me who’s in the industry, the average reader of this web site would not get much out of attending the conference. Instead I’ll relay the insights that I think will interest my readers.

What I can say is it’s great to finally meet up with many top writers in the personal finance blogosphere. It’s great to put a face to name after reading their articles. In addition, I got to hear many financial viewpoints, some, of course, that I do not agree with. Which is fine, but it is helpful to listen to the counterpoints.

For the financial bloggers who didn’t attend, I suggest going next year, as you’ll get a wealth of networking opportunities. The courses offered, unfortunately, not so much.

I also got a chance to talk to quite a few financial firms who attended the conference. Lending Club, Fidelity, Betterment and Adaptu, were all there. Especially with Lending Club, it was great to discuss ideas on how to improve their platform.

I also talked to a few other financial companies who I haven’t discussed yet on this site. Be on the look out for more reviews in the coming months. As always with any company I discuss, I try to be as unbiased as possible and believe in promoting their services. Meaning not only do I recommend them for you to use, but in most cases use them as well. There were a few financial firms there who you will not see recommended because I don’t believe in their products.

As I mentioned, I talked to a lot of great investment writers. I’m asking the best of the best to contribute to Investor Junkie. It’s always great to get a fresh perspective on a topic, or an area I may not be an expert in. I don’t pretend to know everything about investing, and future guests post will help make Investor Junkie more well rounded. It will also allow me spend more time on some projects for Investor Junkie.

I, unfortunately, did not win for the best investing blog category. For the second year in a row, the award went out to Oblivious Investor. So congrats to Mike Piper for winning; his blog is a great resource for investing. Meanwhile I’m becoming the Susan Lucci for the Plutus Awards. Maybe next year I’ll win.

I did give my FINCON12 Ignite presentation on “How To Get Wealthy”. The presentation was one of the worst ones I’ve done, so don’t bother watching the video from FINCON12. I do plan on joining toastmasters to improve my presentation skills, as I know I can be awesome.

Here are some observations I think will enlighten my readers:

  • Bloggers are a legit force in the personal finance arena. They can sway public opinion on various subjects and can be a force of good. They can help ensure companies and our government serve our collective best self-interest.
  • Traditional media continues to shrink. Personal finance blogs are still the best place to get objective and unbiased advice.
  • Like I believe with the economic pie, the personal finance space is still growing and becoming much more niched based. This is the reason why I’ve targeted only investing and small business.
  • As a group many bloggers are still discussing debt. Which, as I mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with, but I suspect it will change. The group is very resourceful and eventually get out of debt and need investment guidance.
  • Investing is still a topic that needs much more discussion in the general population, and much more education is needed. There are not enough blogs that target investing as a topic.
  • With many bloggers their web site is part-time, and they usually have a full time job. Again, nothing is wrong with this, but it gives you an idea of the amount of income most generate from this type of online business.
  • The ones who do discuss investing are in almost all cases a good source for investment advice. Though some will have differing opinions (me as well). You, as the reader, should realize this as such. Read and better educate yourself about investing. Realize there are many different ways to skin a cat. There is a reason why they call it personal finance, because it’s personal.
  • Early retirement, or what I like to aptly call financial freedom, is a popular discussion. I believe it’s the goal we are all ultimately trying to achieve, but not talking enough about it.

There you have it, and I look forward to attending FINCON13.

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    Nice post Larry. I enjoyed meeting you and hanging out at Fincon12. I am sure we will stay in touch. And if not before I will see you at Fincon13. It is now my number one conference of the year.