How To Read More Business Books

One of the best ways to stay on top of your game, and refine your abilities, is to keep learning. One way to do that is to read more business books.

If you are interested in improving your business savvy, reading business books is a great way to improve your knowledge, and give you good ideas for what to try next. But what if you don’t have time? If you want to squeeze in more time for reading, you might be surprised. Here are some ways to get a “MBA like” education with time you might be wasting:

Turn Off the TV

According to the American Time Use Survey, those 15 years and older spend an average of 2.8 hours per day watching TV. That’s almost 3 hours each day that you could be using to improve your mind through reading. Just cut one hour of TV watching from your schedule, and replace it with an hour of reading, and you can dramatically increase the number of business books that you read.

At the very least, make use of a DVR, like TiVo, to help you record shows and watch them later, without commercials. You can squeeze in more reading time if you aren’t watching the commercials as well as the shows.

Listen to Audio Books

One of the easiest ways to fit in more business books is to use audio books. You can upload audiobooks from places like and, as well as Amazon, and take them with you on your MP3 player, smartphone or other mobile device. Once you have your audio books, you can listen to them no matter where you are:

  • Working out at the gym.
  • During your commute, whether you drive or take the train.
  • Waiting in a long line somewhere (the dreaded DMV comes to mind).
  • While you travel.
  • While you do household chores or run errands. I like to listen to audio books while I’m vacuuming, or taking care of other chores.

Get an eReader

One of my favorite things in the world is my Kindle (Editor’s Note: I personally prefer the more multi-functional Apple iPad, but a Kindle is a good cheaper alternative). It fits nicely in my purse, and no matter where I am, I always have a book. An E-reader can help you be prepared whenever you have downtime. I wouldn’t want to have headphones in my ears while waiting my turn at the dentist’s office, but reading a book is another matter. Whether you are waiting for your child’s dance lessons to end, or whether you are waiting for the doctor to come into the room, your E-reader makes it easy to use small chunks of downtime to learn more by reading business books. And you never have to worry about losing your place.

The bottom line is that you have to find ways to make time for the important things in your life. If reading more business books is important to you, then you need to find that time. Really look at your schedule, and really look at how you use your time. You might be surprised to find that you are wasting more time than you thought — and that time can be easily reclaimed and used to improve your business savvy through reading.

Readers: Do you have any tips to read more books?

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  1. says

    I think reading is always important and I know I do a lot of it. About 4 years ago, I read 100 books in one year. I did it to improve my writing. A couple summers ago, I read 20 books. The bottom line is you need a reason to read. It may be for information or pleasure. When I read for pleasure, it is escapism. Find a reason to read and you will.