Out-of-the-Box Investment Strategies: Weird Ways to Make More Money

For many of us, investing is all about the tried and true strategies. I consider myself a boring investor, and sometimes boring can be a good thing. I invest mainly in index funds and index ETFs, and dividend aristocrats. I also invest in P2P loan notes. My boring approach has worked reasonably well so far (although it’s relatively early in the game for me).

But not everyone wants to stick with basic investment strategies.

Perhaps there are concerns about what happens if the market crashes just before you need your money.

Or maybe you don’t think a boring investment strategy can truly result in the gains you want to see.

Whatever the reason, here are some weird investment strategies that can help you to time the markets and boost gains.

1. Find Patterns With Financial Astrology

According to those who practice financial astrology (yes, it’s a Thing), it’s possible to see patterns from the stars reflected in the movements of financial markets.

Some practitioners combine astrological cycles with technical analysis of the markets to create strategies that take advantage of the financial ebbs and flows.

2. Invest in Virtual Currency

Another approach is to invest in virtual currency, as well as in virtual goods and services. The popular game Second Life offered an example of how people could create virtual goods and services, sell them in game for virtual currency, then convert that virtual currency to real dollars.

Other online games provide users with the ability to buy items with both real or virtual currency. My brother-in-law participates in a game that allows him to earn money by making weapons that he sells to other players.

Another option is to invest in virtual currencies like Bitcoin. There’s an exchange that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin, then you use Bitcoins to pay for services — or hoard them and hope the value goes up.

3. Rent a Cow

Believe it or not, there’s a bustling trade in milk. If you own a milk-producing cow, you can take advantage of the profits that come as a result of your ownership.

But what if you don’t want to buy a cow? Or what if you don’t know how to take care of one?

You can actually rent a cow and sell the results, while someone else manages the transactions. You can also pay to rent a cow, and receive cheese in return for the rental fee. What you do with the cheese — eat it or sell it at a profit — is up to you.

4. Buy Magic the Gathering Cards

During high school, I often sat in a circle in the band room, playing Magic The Gathering. I never had my own cards and usually played with others’ cards.

However, after looking at the MTG Card Market, I sort of wish I’d bought a few packs. Magic is still a force in the world of gaming, and the cards even have their own market. You can invest in buying the cards, then selling them to players.

The most valuable card right now, is worth more than $800!

Would you consider any of these investment strategies? What is your favorite out-of-the-box strategy?

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