Quicken 2014 Review – Stability Improvements and Minor New Features

I’ve been a long time user of Intuit’s Quicken since 1992 — now over 20 years. We track 56 accounts within Quicken. So to say I’m a power-user of their product would be an understatement. We have every bank account, credit card, asset, retirement, investment, and liability linked within the software. For this review of Quicken Premier 2014, I got an advance copy from Inuit and converted from Quicken 2013.

The conversion from Quicken 2013 to 2014 took about ten minutes to complete. I suspect this was because of how large my file is and a few years of data. If you’re using the online features, you will need to convert that as well. I had no issues upgrading.

Intuit never does radical changes with their annual software updates. They incrementally add features to Quicken, and the enhancements tend to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

In today’s cloud/web 2.0/Internet world, Quicken is no longer the only game in town. It is possible to completely store your financial information online using services like Intuit’s own Mint.com service, or what we recommend Personal Capital. Though these financial aggregation services tend to be read-only, and more for alerting or reporting your finances. Reconciliation and writing checks isn’t usually available with these types of services.

For individuals who prefer to stay with a locally installed application, there is also YNAB (You Need A Budget), Moneydance, or if you are looking for a native Macintosh software application there is iBank as well.

None of the mentioned applications come close to Quicken in marketshare usage, or from our tests, the comprehensive personal finance features. Quicken is still the leader and there’s no question why this is the case (though the others are catching up).

Quicken 2014 vs. Quicken 2013

Compared to last year’s Quicken 2013 vs. Quicken 2012, this update seems to focus on improving on and fixing previous features, rather than creating totally new features.

Here’s what’s new and improved in Quicken 2014:

  • Store and Save Receipts – You can take pictures of your receipts and store them within Quicken for later retrieval.
  • Memorized Transactions Show Up in Register – This is perhaps the best new feature I like. Previously you had to enter memorized transactions, but this feature will display future events within in the register before entering the transaction.
  • Overall Speed Improvements – While I did not do exact performance tests, it seems Quicken 2014 was much more responsive.
  • Mobile Synchronization Improvements – Many users complained how Quicken’s mobile synchronization was broken in 2013. Intuit claims, and from my testing so far, this feature has been improved.
  • Budget Improvements – Users also complained about 2013 and the budget changes. Quicken added two options that should satisfy users who want their budget displayed with including excluding specific transactions.
  • More Connectivity Resolutions – Quicken 2014 makes it even easier to fix connectivity issues with your financial institution

In reviewing Quicken, it appears Intuit really focused much more on testing and quality control they did with Quicken 2013. So for long-time users of Quicken it’s good to know they listened to our complaints. The new features they did introduce in Quicken 2014 seem minor when compared to previous years.

Store and Save Receipts

In 2013 they introduced the free mobile application, and have now expanded the application to allow you to take photos of your receipts while on the go. A common use of this feature would be for business expenses. While I personally have no use for this new feature, I can see how others would welcome this addition. Any receipt taken on your mobile device is synced to your desktop register.

Quicken 2014 Receipts

Store your receipts within Quicken

Memorized Transactions Show Up in Register

I like this new feature the best, even though it’s a minor change. Previously if you wanted to plan out future income and expenses, you would have to manually enter, or push bill and income reminders, into your register. Now with Quicken 2014, reminders can show up as future register entries without actually having them entered. Again it’s a minor addition to Quicken, but I welcome this new feature.

Mobile Synchronization Improvements

In Quicken 2013 Intuit added mobile synchronization. While in my own personal tests I didn’t have issues with this feature, many other users complained via our web site comments. Users reported numerous synchronization problems with their mobile devices and the desktop application.

With Quicken 2014 synchronization, I have reported an odd synchronization issue that has popped up from time to time. I get an alert about a handful of transactions with no information. This might be related to the Discover credit card we use sends us some invalid transactions with no information, but I’m not completely sure. Intuit should improve the error reporting in this part of their application.

Perhaps this cloud synchronization error is alerting me of this issue with my Discover card. Unfortunately the reporting in Quicken doesn’t give enough detail to know where the issue lies. So I must manually tell Quicken to delete these errors.

Realize the download error with the Discover card is not an issue with Quicken itself. With some of the negative comments I see about Quicken, I wonder if users fault Quicken for issues not related to their product and is with the financial institutions they use.

Intuit explained to me that they really focused on improving mobile synchronization and performed a larger beta test, and better quality control. So far from my own testing, I’ve only noticed the issue described above. Synchronization does appear to be much faster than previously.

With Quicken 2014 they replaced the Quicken Cloud ID with their universal Intuit ID for other Intuit services. So you will now have the same login if you use Intuit’s TurboTax, and eventually with Mint.com service. Data is not shared between services.

Other than the ability to take photos of receipts from your smartphone, only minor other changes were made in the mobile app. You will need to install the Quicken 2014 mobile app to replace the existing Quicken 2013 app when you upgrade. Intuit will not be upgrading the existing app to work with both Quicken 2013 and Quicken 2014 and will remain separate.

Budgeting Changes

Lastly, but certainly not least for many users of Quicken, is their budgeting section, which again has slightly improved. Intuit added some options to not include/exclude transfers in budget estimations. Overall some other minor user interface design changes were made when compared to Quicken 2013. Also slightly improved was the budgeting on the mobile app.

Quicken 2014 Budgeting

Get access to your budget via your smartphone or tablet

Technical Requirements

Quicken’s requirements have always been the middle to low lend-end of new computers sold. The specs listed below shouldn’t be an issue if your hardware is less than 3 years old. These are similar specs needed to run Quicken 2011, 2012, and 2013. I would recommend a slightly more powerful machine than listed.

  • CPU: 1 GHz
  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3+, Vista SP1, Windows 7/8 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Memory: 1 GB or more
  • Hard Disk Space: Up to 450 MB free space; up to 1.5 GB if .NET not installed
  • Display: 1024×768 or higher resolution, 1280×1024 for large fonts
  • CD/DVD Drive
  • Internet: 56 Kbps (broadband recommended for online services)
  • Sound: Sound Card and Speakers Recommended
  • Printer: Any printer compatible with Windows XP SP3+/Vista/7/8
  • Additional Software (included in Quicken installer): Microsoft .NET 2.0 or later

Using Quicken for Windows on a Macintosh

Like I stated, I’ve been using Quicken since my first MS-DOS computer. Now that I am Macintosh user, I could have used the bastardized version Quicken Essentials for Mac, but I still prefer Quicken for Windows. The Windows version is much more robust, and doesn’t appear to be an afterthought in Intuit’s product line.

In speaking with the Intuit reps about Quicken 2014, I enquired about the Macintosh version of Quicken. At the moment, there is still no planned Macintosh Quicken that functions exactly like Quicken for Windows. So unfortunately, that means I have to run Quicken for Windows via a virtual Windows machine.

I run Quicken 2014 Premier for Windows by running it in a VMWare Fusion instance. If you want to find out more about this process you can read my article: How to Run Quicken for Windows on a Mac.

The added benefit of virtualizing Windows is an additional layer of security, since no other software is installed on that instance. You don’t have to worry about any rogue viruses or software compromising your finances. This technique is also possible on a Windows-based machine.

Quicken Review and Summary

Quicken 2014 is primarily a bug and performance improvement, over the previous version. Basically, Intuit was trying to fix the issues seen with last year’s Quicken. So if you currently have 2013, I don’t see any “must-have” features to upgrade. If you have no issues mobile synchronization, or don’t use it, then there’s no real reason to upgrade.

If you have an EOL (End Of Life) version of Quicken, or currently don’t use Quicken, then it makes sense to purchase this version. I much prefer Quicken over Inuit’s Mint, because it can handle much more complex financial scenarios and it isn’t read only. Quicken can definitely grow with you as your finances become more complex — Mint on the other hand cannot.

Personal Capital is another possible option if you are looking for a purely cloud-based solution, and you want more complex investment reporting than Mint.com.

Intuit’s Quicken 2014 still remains the gold standard of personal finance applications — locally installed or in the cloud.

Get Quicken

Save $10 off your order. You can order and download immediately from Intuit’s web site. I recommend Quicken Premier 2014 for its investment features. If unsure if Quicken is right for you, Intuit offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Do you have questions about using Quicken? If so do NOT ask them here.
Please only post comments reviewing Quicken itself, and not questions/issues about using Quicken. Please register on our forum (http://forum.investorjunkie.com/). Any questions related to using Quicken will be deleted from this post.


  1. Richard says:

    I wonder how long it is going to take Quicken to figure out that taking a picture of receipts is not nearly enough. For those of us that live by our debit card, transaction entry is a very cumbersome process. Neat Receipts has figured out how to scan receipts and automatically parse information into Quicken, why can’t Quicken do the same thing with mobile snap shots. That would be a really neat and helpful enhancement!


  2. ADB says:

    Nice to see a positive comment about this upgrade, I think. My concern, is the person getting the freebie giving a positive review. All other comments on the web are very negative. I did not upgrade to 2013 because of the overwhelming negativity. Now I hear the same thing, and the expectation of people to spend over a 100 dollars a year to add minimal changes and “bug fixes” doesn’t seem appropriate. Bottom line, I am actually afraid to upgrade for all the problems it seems to cause, and I have upgraded religiously over the years.

    • Larry Ludwig says:


      I personally use the product everyday – no issues. If I had an issue I have no problem stating in this review or updating it to state as such.

      I cannot speak for other user’s experiences since Quicken is a complex product and many connection points. Bottom line I have no issues, and still recommend it.

      • brossyg says:

        I had to comment on this, even though it is from October. I, too, am a power user since the early 1990’s and I upgraded to 2014 premiere from 2011. 2014 is a disaster. The last time I was on the Quicken site, there were thousands of bug reports. I have experienced many of them.

        I was very happy with 2011, but it is an EOL product.

        • Dave Johnson says:

          I agree with brossyg – even before I upgraded to a high res screen which has blown Quicken 2014 away, I have had issues with the program not moving to new downloaded transactions properly and being sluggish. I too have been a user since the mid-1990’s. It seems Q tries to get too cute sometimes without fully testing their changes. I tried to go back to my older version, but it was no longer supported.

          I also don’t like that you cannot reach a real live person for assistance.

        • JeffD says:

          I’m also in complete agreement with brossyg. I was very happy with 2011. It worked fine. 2014 crashes on me at least once a week for unknown reasons. Sometimes after accepting downloaded transactions YEARS of transactions will just disappear. If I switch to another account and then go back they reappear but I have never had this problem with any other version ov Quicken (been using it since 1998). This sucker is unstable and buggy. If this version really has “stability improvements” over 2013 as the reviewer says, I’d hate to see what 2013 was like!

          Overall this is a piece of crap compared to the 2011 version.

    • Lonny Wagener says:

      I recently updated to Quicken 2014 – because I was forced too, or be shut off when it came to downloading from my brokerage house. I spent a hundred dollars for something I did not want, and did not need, except to be able to keep downloading into the program. If everything worked precisely as it should, maybe I would not be writing this review, but it doesn’t. The income and expense graph in view one of my home screen will not retain the setting I customize. Every time I do a backup, one step update or close the program, my customized settings disappear. This is not a new issue for Quicken, so why is it back affecting me again after another hundred dollars has been spent? The icon on the tool bar for the calendar that I use all the time is now removed and the only way to get to the calendar is by using the tools drop down and selecting calendar. There is no way to add this icon to the tool bar. I have been a Quicken user since the DOS days, but I am beyond frustrated with both Quicken 2014 and Intuit.

      I really do have to give a hands up to the mobile app downloaded to my android phone. It truly does what it is designed to do, and it does it well. However, this was in no way a significant buying factor, nor can I even tell you that I will be using it often. But, it does work. Just be sure to set up your cloud account and sync the desktop to the cloud before downloading the mobile app to your phone.

    • jg says:

      I upgraded to Quicken Deluxe 2014 earlier this year from 2010. the software is very buggy. (2010 was fine.) Mine freezes a lot. I’ve done the uninstall, clean the registry, reinstall so many times I’ve lost track. It will work for a while and then freeze again. A one hour job takes me days. I’m looking for a replacement.

  3. Praavast says:

    I have been using quicken for two decades and have been generally happy with it. However Quicken lacks ability to change font size (except in register). With varying monitor resolutions, Quicken has to pay attention and add ability for the end user to be able to vary font size in its program in entirety.
    Aging users need it. Will Quicken pay attention to it? I doubt it.

  4. Valerie says:

    Previous to the 2013 “upgrade” the debt portion of quicken was extremely useful and easy to use—after a year of using 2013, I still hate the debt portion —it screws up the amortizaion of the payments, I can’t select the interest account I want without going to the register, etc. Has this issue been fixed? If not, then I don’t think I will waste the money.

    • Brad says:

      Agreed. The debt allocation in 2013 is a major issue.

  5. Tom Sheppard says:

    I have been a Quicken user for close to 15 years now, and this is by far the worse update that has been produced. Not because of the features, they’re very similar to the 2013 version, but because of the instability of the program, the problems with synching, and the inability of Intuit to correct them. So far I have spent over 10 hours on the telephone with their technical support who have no clue as to why I am having problems either synching with the bank (currently the desktop downloads the transactions no problem, but when it tries to synch them to the mobile app, it tells me that it either can’t connect to the bank or it crashes Quicken and it has to be restarted.) The program also just seems to shut down at any given point without you actually having to do anything. For example, earlier to day, I went to go to get a drink, everything was fine when I left, when I got back, the screen told me that “Quicken had encountered a serious problem and needed to close.” It wanted to send a report, which I did, unfortunately, that is the 4th report in 2 days that I have had to send that way. That doesn’t include the 4 or 5 other times that it just closed unexpectedly with no notice or error message.

    I do understand that any program can have bugs, but they did so little in improvements this year on the release, I don’t know how they managed to screw up the programs basic functions that worked fine in the previous version. At this point, I have taken 2014 off of my system and will go back to using 2013. I will keep track to see if I see any improvements before I load he 2014 version once again.

  6. Stephen Street says:

    These days, when there is a new version of Quicken I just hope that they didn’t break anything that I use. For example, the 2013 H&B version broke the ability to print envelopes from the address list. Quicken declined to fix this important (to me) feature. I reply heavily on the H&B version for both my business and several rental properties, and have done so for 15+ years. I plan to wait, as always, to upgrade until after I prepare my 2013 taxes – a bad experience years ago taught me this lesson.

  7. Steve K says:

    I refused to migrate to 2013 because the budgeting in 2012 was awful and wasn’t fixed in 2013. I see nothing in your comments about the budgets that makes me think this feature is working well? (I still miss budgets in 2011 and earlier). It also doesn’t sound like there are enough positive reasons to shell out the upgrade dollars if the old version keeps on chugging.

  8. texrb says:

    I have always found it interesting that, next to Windows, Quicken is the most criticized software on the market. “I have been a loyal user of Quicken for over 100 years, but this version sucks…” seems to be a recurring theme. I suspect it is due to the fact that Quicken software is more complicated than most and there are a large number of people who simply do not have the patience to work through the bugs that are inherent to complicated software. I am personally one of those “100 years” users and have found problems with every version since Quicken Checkbook in DOS. However, with enough effort, none of the problems were insurmountable and I have continued to use the product and upgrade every few years because it works. It is today, and has always been, the best financial software on the market, warts and all.

    • Larry Ludwig says:

      Thanks Textrb for your comment as that is the point I am trying to get across in my review.

    • Art says:

      The Quicken issue is poor quality control not software complexity. I have been a user for “100” years (since 1991?). I notice in my 2011 version that (1) their internal rate of return (IRR) formula is incorrect, (2) the calculations of mutual fund/stock performance is different depending on the screen being used and that it is wrong, (3) sorting investment accounts (where applicable) doesn’t work, (4) etc. Most of these errors I detected in earlier versions of Quicken, this leads me to say that Quicken is inattentive to quality and error issues. Further, in quality software products (even windows) there is a recognition that all software bugs are not discovered on product release and so other manufacturers allow downloading of bug fixes. Not really for Quicken.

      Market share is not an indicator of quality, and very large market share is often an indicator of monopoly and monopolistic practices. Standard Oil had market share until 1905 when their bad practices forced the Government to break-up the company.

  9. mark says:

    Is there a cloud version of Quicken Home & Business 2014? I’d rather access it via the internet than leave it on my desk top. Is that possible??

    • Larry Ludwig says:

      Hi Mark,

      Sort answer – No. You should either look at either Mint.com or Personal Capital. In our reviews of both we prefer Personal Capital.

      Long answer – If you consider the iPad/iPhone/Android App as the “cloud” then yes. While Quicken does not allow you to access your finances via a web browser (again like Intuit’s Mint.com or Personal Capital), it does have an app for tablets that allows synchronization between your mobile device and your desktop.

  10. Stephen says:

    My current Q data go back to 1992. Posting of dividends in largest IRA average 30 seconds per entry. This is biggest complaint. Has speed improved any with 2014? Would addition of receipts slow things down even more? Thanks

  11. Stephen says:

    Sorry, should add more data. My physical entry isn’t slow ; issue is length of time before Q ready for next entry. I’m on Mac mini 8gb ram with parallels running windows 7. Windows has only Q on it. Thanks

    • Larry Ludwig says:

      Hi Stephen,

      You shouldn’t be storing all of your Quicken data in one file. You are best to archive the data I personally do it per year.

      • Stephen says:

        Thanks Larry. I have 2 files -one for personal accounts and one for retirement accounts.
        Both pretty large. But most data are for posting dividends etc in investment accounts. If I
        archive each year aren’t those data lost? Or if they are not lost the account will remain
        large and cumbersome to add to?

        • Larry Ludwig says:


          The data isn’t “lost” it’s just in separate files.

      • Alan Watchorn says:

        I am a longtime Quicken User so I have large files. You, Larry, mention creating a file for every year. I sometimes use Quicken to find who did a specific job for me in the past (i am fastidious about creating ‘memo’s which allow me to find transactions!). Will I be able to do that if I split the files up? Also how does it affect my ‘memorized’ transactions? Do I have to change all memorized transactions every year to pay out of the ‘new’ account? Thanks.

  12. Nikki says:

    I have upgraded every year for the last 3 or 4 years. This upgrade was a mistake I wish I could go back and change. I was having a few problems on Quicken 2013 with syncing issues, so between hoping for bug fixes and the receipt picture feature, I thought it would be a good upgrade. It has been nothing but problems ever since. 2014 kept crashing so I went back to 2013, and now am having problems with 2013 erasing all of my category data for the last year when syncing. Very frustrating. While I think Quicken has a good product, I really wish I had not upgraded. I am really hoping for some fixes to all the problems soon!

  13. BillC says:

    We (new user) are considering buying one of the deluxe versions. Currently using an older version of Money and Mint.
    Is there a way to tell which Quicken release you are buying?

    • Larry Ludwig says:


      Quicken can be upgraded via a Quicken update, or download directly from their web site and the previous URL I mentioned above in the comments.

    • SK says:

      If you shop Costco they have 20 bucks off each of the Quicken programs. I got the Deluxe for $30.
      And they stand behind it. Worth the try.

  14. eNeecie says:

    This is the first review I have found that is actually useful in telling what is in the new version. Like someone mentioned before most of the reviews are “this version sucks” variety. I guess it isn’t surprising that there are a lot of high maintenance Quicken users since high maintenance folks like to be in control of things and thus would be attracted to Quicken.

    Anyway, the only problem I ran into with 2013 was with the printed Budget Reports. I was actually getting different numbers in the report than I was getting on the screen. Do you know if they fixed this? We have been recently reminded that we need to plan our spending and I would be willing to upgrade if I could get an accurate report.

      • eNeecie says:

        I was having a problem with the Current Budget report. I think part of the problem is that I have overcomplicated the categories with too many subcategories. This really threw things off. Everything works fine on the Budget screen, the parent category gives a total of all the budget and actual amounts for all the subcategories. In the report, however, the budget for the parent and subcategories seemed to be treated as separate categories for the budget but not for the actual expenses. Thus, if you did not set a budget for the parent category “Daily Needs” and only set budgets for each subcategory. The Current Budget report says that your budget for Daily Needs is zero but it totals all the actual expenses for that category and says you are way over budget. The subcategories would be listed underneath with the correct actual/budget amounts. It was really weird. Plus, on the report screen you can’t click a parent category and get a transaction report. I saw a lot of complaints about problems with the budget reports that dated back to 2011, but I haven’t seen if this has been fixed in the new version. Like you I have been using Quicken since 1992 and am very comfortable with it. I never bothered with the budget section that much but recently it has become evident that my husband and I need to have a spending plan. Anyway, my husband doesn’t like fooling with Quicken and prefers a bottom-line printed report. I can printout a income/expense report but I would like to include the budget without screwing everything up. I would be willing to get the upgrade if the budget section is fully functional again. Thanks again for your review.

  15. Mark says:

    It would be nice if there was an easy way to un-match transactions when you make a mistake.

  16. Fred says:

    Went from 2012 to 2013 and hated it. They got rid of stuff I use every month. Went back to 2012 and it looks like that is where I am going to stay.

  17. EricW says:

    This was a good review as it convinced me to not buy 2014.

    You should be more critical of intuit, though, as we should NOT be paying form them to write good code or fix issues. Adding, better error checking as a “Feature” is laughable. That should be a part of any good software product and they added it because the could not adequately provide support for all the mobile banking issues. There are so many qwerks and things that don’t work well. Just yesterday I had to correct an issue in the register that almost caused me to overdraft. Seems 2 of the same transaction were in the register and both cleared reconciled. How the heck does that happen?

    I have used intuit since it first arrived on the scene. The more recent releases are a money-grab and nothing more. But I refuse to pay Intuit for fixes that should be FREE!

  18. Loucas George says:


    I have been using Quicken for probably 20 years. I used to use Managing Your Money,, but switched when it stopped getting support. I have come to rely on Quicken. It is my grounding when I am in trouble or concerned about my finances. I sit at quicken and after reconciling everything, I usually feel a lot better and can come up with a plan. As a result of my respect for this product and because of how much I rely upon it, I have always upgraded, trusting Quicken to not just me selling me crap, (both product wise or with my need to upgrade). I have to say, this version has caused me to loose all faith in Quicken. I hope I don’t have to recite all the bugs I have come upon. I am sure that most people using this site must me well aware of them.
    This is total Bullshit!!! I have spent 4 weeks on the phone with my bank and its Quicken specialists trying to get what used to work, work again. I just got off a chat line with support who kept trying to tell me it was my bank when some of my problems are internal bugs which have nothing to do with my bank. They recommended I visit the web site above to solve this duplicate problem. Unbelievable, the site had no solution to the problem just other people complaining about the same thing!! I am worried now because I rely so much on QUicken and now it has gone to shit. If I ever get it up and working again, I will never upgrade again. My darling Quicken is another company gone to shit!

    • Fred says:

      This is why I am still using 2012. 2013 pretty much crippled everything I used. Can’t imagine what they have done to 2014.

      • Anne P says:

        Did you download Quicken 2014 & if so, how did you go back to 2012. I want to do the same thing. I am soooo disappointed in 2014, it just sucks. I want to go back to 2012 but don’t know how. I tried deleting the program, loaded 2012 back on but it would not recognize the 2014 files. Now i am stuck. Any thoughts?
        Anne P (frustrated)

    • Paul Busch says:

      I installed 2014… then found I could not find attachments made more than 12 months ago.

      The program just stalled looking for them.

      I removed 2014… reinstalled 2010 and looked in Q10xxx file (thank gods… all of them) and back working in 2010.

      I’ll need more confidence before risking that move again.

  19. Ulysses says:

    I upgraded from 2012, any easy way to go back?

    • Larry Ludwig says:

      Unfortunately no. You should always backup before an upgrade.

    • kathy says:

      Look in your directory. When you upgrade, Q puts your old files in a folder called “old files” or Q__(previous version) files. The directory could be in the quicken program file itself. I have my directory in MyDocs.

  20. Jacki S says:

    I have Q deluxe 2009. I do not at this time sync with the bank or my credit cards. I am considering upgrading to 2014. I want to be in the cloud now and use my desktop along with my ipad to keep an eye on my banking, etc. I am going to use the disc to download because I have 2 computers to put it on, instead of using the download. I don’t know how to use the download for 2 computers. I am not a computer geek like most. When I go to my winter home I bring an external hard drive where all my data is. Is there an easy explanation on how to use the download instead of using the disc install? My records go back to 1996, I’ve used it along time-I have been manually putting in my numbers since the beginning. I hope I’m not in for too much of a shock.

  21. MMW says:

    I’ve been a user since 1994 so I’m no neophyte. Just encountered a horrendous data corruption between accounts. With such buggy software, I wish they’d implement an undo feature. Having read the other comments I don’t even have the confidence in tech support to contact them. Sad.

    • JeffD says:

      To protect yourself you should be running incremental backups on your machine at least once per week. There are several very good inexpensive backup applications on the market and they are worth every penny spent. Some even let you back up to the cloud if you wish. This isn’t just to protect you from Quicken’s flaws, it protects you from all sorts of possible disasters.

      I do an incremental backup of all of my data/photos/music to a USB hard drive at 2AM every Saturday. I also periodically do a full backup to a flash drive which I store in a fireproof box. I don’t back up any installed programs since I can always reinstall those.

  22. Nick says:

    Thanks for the super article! This was exactly what I was looking for. I am also a mac user and I run Quicken via a virtual machine (Parallels).

    I can now use Quickbooks exclusively through the cloud. I see that Quicken is not the same. My question is- Can I simply keep 2012 on my MacBook (but never use it) and only use the iPad version? Or do I need to run the day-to-day from the MacBook and simply use the iPad to view it?

    Thanks again!

    • Larry Ludwig says:

      Hi Nick,

      You need the desktop edition to download the data and sync with your iPad.

  23. Will says:

    Hi Larry

    Firstly, thank you for your detailed review and your responses to the many questions.

    I am also a long time user of Quicken and love the functionality overall and am still loyal to the product going with most upgrades. I am currently on 2013 and have enjoyed it but here is the sting – I am not a US resident and my base currency is non USD (I use accounts in 5 different currencies). I also go through the pain of manually entering all of my financial transactions (which takes 15 mins a day) but this is worth the effort for the value I get from the product.
    My only problem now is that Intuit seems to be focusing its new developement on the mobile side of the product which we as international users cannot use. Having reviewed most forums most international users (and there have been many but this number seems to be reducing) feel the Intuit have deserted and ignored them and there is nothing in 2014 to refute this.

    What are your views on the future of the product moving forward for Non US users and also what if any other products can you suggest are more international friendly?

    Many thanks in advance.


    • Larry Ludwig says:

      Hi Will,

      I believe Intuit is trying to focus primarily on the US market with Quicken and not having to deal with multiple currencies. While you need this feature IMHO it is a small market to cater to.

      If you are a Mac user, iBank does support multiple currencies.


      Another option that will work on Windows is GnuCash.

  24. Andy says:

    I have used Quicken since 1997 and update every three years when the “sunset clause” kicks in so I can continue to auto-download from all my financial institutions. I backed up Q2011 data, downloaded Q2014 yesterday (after buying during their 50%-off sale) and imported my data – all seamlessly. But when I started working with the interface, I was astonished at how buggy it is. This was particularly surprising since it has been rock-solid software.

    That’s why I found my way to this site, trying to figure out what’s going on. It is interesting to note, from the comments, the degradation in the software from 2012-2014. Once I saw how wonky and inconsistent the font sizing was, I knew there was trouble. What a disappointment to so many. Needless to say, I will get my refund and return to the very stable Q2011.

    The better solution for Intuit is to charge it as a three-year membership, which it really is, rather than sloppy coding to get “new” annual releases. I would gladly pay to keep the stable Q2011 running auto-downloads rather than Intuit messing up a good product simply to get a new version out every year. Even Microsoft doesn’t mess with that annual treadmill!

  25. Todd Hudnall says:

    About a week ago a Quicken customer service specialist told me a new Quicken for Mac program was coming out the first quarter of 2014. Can anyone verify this or was she misinformed? This article says she was misinformed. I was about to pull the trigger on switching to iBank due to my frustration with Quicken Essentials. Thank you.

  26. John says:

    We use Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013. We use this version for 2 rental properties, then also our personal budgeting, and then also a business. We store each of these in separate quicken files.
    1. Can we use the snap and store receipts for the Quicken Rental Property Manager if we update to 2014 and if so, how do you designate which file of quicken you want it to store to?
    2. I have an android phone and my wife has an i phone and we have quicken on our desktop. Do we have the ability to snap and store receipts on both phones as we both make purchases?
    Thank you,

    • Larry Ludwig says:

      If this is true, I haven’t heard any announcement on this.

      • Todd Hudnall says:

        Thanks Larry. An insider told me they are preparing to release a Beta version. I’ve been a Quicken customer for over 20 years and came very close to switching to iBank but I think I’m going to hold out a little longer. While Quicken is a good product, I found Essentials to be inferior for my needs.

        • Larry Ludwig says:

          iBank 5 has been improved and initial testing think it might be a possible solution for Mac users. I don’t think I’ll use it though based upon some of my advanced needs.
          I am currently in the process of testing, and will update the iBank review on our site.

          • Eric W says:

            Any Mac Financial App needs to have a connection to my Bank, credit cards, 401K etc
            I have found nothing on Mac that does this so I run Parallels and use Quicken for Windows.

          • Todd Hudnall says:

            Hi Larry, I assume you are doing the free 30-day trial. I tried it for a few days and liked it much better than Essentials. In fact, I was prepared to make the switch, when I was told Quicken had a new Mac program coming out and I put it on hold. It would be great to actually know when it will be released.

            • EricW says:

              Be careful with any Mac version of Quicken. All are missing critical features that only the windows version has. Hence my use of Parallels on the Mac so that I can run the windows version.

              In my opinion, any financial package that cannot connect to your bank etc (and this includes Mac versions of Quicken) is worthless. That capability is the whole reason quicken is popular.

  27. Ron says:

    I have been a Quicken user for a long time and I realize that Quicken is a complex program but maybe they should have beta tested the mobile app a little longer before rolling out on the unsuspecting market. The forums are filled with people having sync problems. I was one of them and then it mysteriously fixed itself? I have emailed Quicken and months later still have not got a reply. I have spent over 4 hours with online chat in the last two days to no avail. They have reps that have problems writing in English especially the use of definite and indefinite articles like “a” and “the.” The customer service reps have a checklist they want you to go through that involves unlinking your desktop from the cloud, validating the data file, relinking the desktop account to the cloud and then when that doesn’t work they want you to uninstall the mobile app and reinstall it. After that, they just BS you until finally disconnecting the chat. Quicken is a good product and I will continue to use it but be advised that they still have mobile app problems. Like I mentioned, I had sync problems that customer service could not fix. The latest problem is that pending split transaction amounts are doubled on mobile. When the transaction is cleared at the bank, then mobile will correctly do the math. Customer service claims they have never encountered this problem before even though split transactions are listed as a known problem on the Quicken website…but they say it is resolved. Maybe they created a new problem when they resolved the old problem? Anyway, I like Quicken but they really don’t have mobile computing down yet and the customer service is really useless.

  28. Buster says:

    My quicken file is very large. I tried to archive but all it does is create another file with only the older data. The original file still has all the data and accounts that have not been used for years. The older versions of Quicken used to archive correctly. I have spend hours on line trying to solve this issue and quicken is no help either.
    How do you get our version of quicken to archive correctly in order to keep the file size small. I would like to archive by year

    • Larry Ludwig says:

      When archiving the data there’s an option to select to delete the old entries.

      • Buster says:

        Yes, This is what I do. But the archive file is with the dates I selected but my current files stays the same. I have read many complaints about this and no one has been able to make it work correctly. I have made sure all files are reconciled as quicken states. When I archive I start with a large file and end up with the same size. The archived file is also large.

  29. Tony Harrison says:

    Thanks for the video review. In your opinion, is it worth the upgrade to 2014 from 2012? i have the 2012 edition but havent been using it until now when I want to start using it again to track my finances.

  30. Loucas George says:

    I have given up on 2014 and gone back to 2011. 2011 worked fine! I only upgraded because of loyalty to a software that I used all the time. However the amount of bugs in this version and lack of support constitutes a complete breach of trust! It was taking me twice the work and twice the time to work with 2014 while getting unreliable results! While watching the Greenbay Game today, I saw a slick commercial for Intuit’s Turbo Tax. I wanted to scream at the TV, don’t trust them with YOUR TAXES! OMG if intuit is as screwed up with Turbo Tax as they are with Quicken, Home & Business 2014, god help the poor sap who trusts their taxes to this company!

  31. Rhod says:

    YIKES! Everywhere I go to read reviews of Quicken I see very unhappy users. I started at Amazon.com to read reviews posted there and it has only gotten worse. Unfortunately, I have been scared away from Quicken. Can anyone recommend another software I can track my personal investments with?

  32. eileen says:

    I haven’t upgraded my quicken since 2005. I buy it (then return it) every year without downloading it after reading about all the problems.
    Am I being unnecessarily worried over nothing? Also I just got a new computer and am wondering if I should upgrade Q on my old computer and then move it over or install it on my new computer and then figure out how to get it in sync with my 2005.

    • kathy says:

      I’m in somewhat of the same situation, except I’m being forced to upgrade from Quicken DOS and Quicken Windows 3 (early ’90’s) which still work so very well for me.

      I left my wonderful Q on my old computer and installed and upgraded the files into Q2014 on the new computer. It was not a trouble free upgrade and I have to keep referring to my previous program on the other computer to try and fix reports and things. It’s nice to have both open at the same time to do this.

      Be sure to make a copy or 2 of your old Q file before you upgrade.

  33. michelle says:

    I upgraded to 2014 from 2011 and I am unable to use my password to open Quicken on my computer. Did anyone else have this problem? Quicken support says it will be 7-10 days before they can help me.

  34. John Temple says:

    I have been using Quicken for a very long time and upgraded religiously with every new version, without too much issues. But this year I made the mistake to upgrade to 2014, and boy oh boy was it a bad decision. The problem is that downloaded bank data is now being routed through Quicken/ Intuit servers after it has reached my local drive. To import the data into Quicken from my local drive, i have to supply my Quicken ID and password. It appears that the data is transferred from my local drive through their servers and then into Quicken which is sitting on my local drive. This seems a bit round about and has serious implications for the security of my data and information. Quicken support was able confirm this flow after I made a few calls to them. This feature cannot be disabled. I am not happy with this and so I have requested a refund of my money and will go back to using my old version.

    • Rodney says:

      I have the same security concerns. With NSA and Google mining electronic data and storing it in accounts with questionable security, I am very concerned about the Q2014 one step update changes that make you go through the “cloud.” I have been a Quicken user since the early 1990s and have used the web connect features to download from all my financial institutions. I felt like even that had some risk, but it seems direct and that the data not routed through second parties. It may be time to switch. How does MS Money compare?

      • Larry Ludwig says:

        IMO your concern is overblown. Your data is already “in the cloud” by downloading via Quicken and via the banks themselves if the NSA wanted access.

        If you don’t trust Intuit for syncing, you shouldn’t use Intuit to sync to download your data. In addition, MS Money is no longer a product or supported. So that’s not an option.

        • Tom says:

          I strongly disagree. In the past, the only two parties involved in my data transfer was my bank and me, and the transaction was encrypted between the two parties, and traveled from them to me, and while it traversed the Internet, it wasn’t ‘in the cloud’ (I know, I design Cloud systems). My concern is not the NSA, my concern is a third party that may or may not 1) record and save my data without my knowledge/consent and 2) not properly protect that data while it’s in their control. If Intuit is now inserting itself into my data stream (and I don’t understand why it needs to do so, from either a security or a performance perspective it’s a bad idea), it has opened a security hole in my data stream that I have no visibility to/control over. Do they encrypt end to end, in transit and at rest? Who has access in their facilities to see that data? Is it stored? How long is it stored? Where is it stored? How do they secure their network? None of this is explained, and ALL of it is relevant to the security of my financial data. Before we had source system, secure link, destination. Now we have source system, secure link, destination system, presumably secure link, some system we know nothing about, presumably secure link, destination system again (assuming the description above is correct). I could (maybe) understand a userid/password call to Intuit prior to loading the data, but why send the actual data back and forth to Intuit? What possible business value does that add to the process?

  35. lostbits says:

    The cloud is a medium for storage. The internet is a transient media for data transfer. If the cloud is used then there is the issue of data mining on a permanent storage medium. If the internet is used then to do the same thing, packet interception and storage need be done. For the cloud, there is not special hardware or means needed to extract information since the destination of information is the same place that data mining can be done. For the internet special hardware and devices are needed since the destination of the data is not the place where data storage is to be performed.

    The issue of trust is different in terms of the media used. What is the intent of using a permanent storage device as a destination for data? This is not an NSA issue, it is an Intuit issue. What does Intuit plan to do with the data it harvests?


  36. Fredb38 says:

    I am using 2012 deluxe and very happy with it. Tried 2013 and it wouldn’t do any of the stuff I used in 2012. After hearing all the problem with 2014 I will be totally content to stay with 2012. Went back to 2012 and it looks like I will be here for a while. I guess New is not always better. Quicken is not the only company to mess up a perfectly good program by adding bells and whistles that mean nothing.

  37. Kenneth Michael says:

    I have used quicken since the 90’s and love the ability to look stuff up. I like the new features such as storing receipts, yet a bit concerned about space in the long run. Would be nice if Quicken could grab the check images during sync along with transactions. One issue I have with Intuit is they change little things like whether I can press the enter button to go from one field to the other in reconcile. This is a little thing, but a pain. There are a number of little annoyances that changed from time to time that bother me. About 3 years or so ago, after one of the updates – I started having problems where I’d enter a transaction, enter splits and go to save only to find it gone – poof! So the work around has been to enter the transaction quickly and save then edit for details (such as splits). So while quicken improves and adds features, hope the don’t forget the little things like using the enter button to switch fields or fixing little annoyances. We shall see in 2014. I had my first crash today after updating my banking transactions.

    • Larry Ludwig says:


      Make sure you have the latest version of Quicken. They are up to R5.

  38. G says:

    Is the mobile app fixed in Quicken 2014? Was never able to get it to function in Quicken 2013. Repeatedly receive error message: “Quicken encountered a CC server-side error” when attempting to create a Quicken Cloud ID. No response from Quicken customer support.

    • Larry Ludwig says:


      Never had an issue with either so I can’t comment on your issue.

  39. Julia says:

    After reading all these reviews and reviews on other sites, I am still on the fence as to upgrade from Q2013 ->Q2014. I have been using Quicken since 1995 and have in recent years upgraded yearly – using the 50% off I get with TurboTax Advantage… The deadline for my 50% off is tomorrow (Jan 31) and am unsure if I should really spend money on upgrading — I do see that they are already up to Q2014 R5 with fixes for alot of the crashes, etc.

    Thank you for any advice

    • Larry Ludwig says:

      As I mentioned in the review, I would recommend not upgrading unless you are really wanting one of the new features or having issues with Q2013.

    • Chris says:

      I went ahead and purchased the upgrade, however I am holding off implementing it until I hear these major bugs have been resolved. At least you still get the 50% off before it turns into a $10 off option. When I upgraded to 2013, it took many RC updates before some major cloud syncing issues were resolved (there is still usually a discrepancy in account totals, but at least the sync doesn’t corrupt the PC balances with redundant entries anymore). The only feature that would persuade me to go through that again would be if Quicken could sync scheduled bills and deposits, however that feature while requested is not in the feature list of the 2014 upgrade (maybe 2018 if I’m lucky and still using Quicken;). Please keep this blog active as I am sure there are many of us who would like to upgrade when Intuit finally finishes fixing what should have been fixed before this upgrade was released. Just my $0.02 worth (probably $25.15 worth after a number of cloud syncs:)

  40. Faye Ingle says:

    With 2014, I lost 2 important functions:
    1. When I customize/update the dates on my reports, the software no longer asks me if I want (1) to save the new dates or (2) not save it. So I lose 5 minutes, saving it from the icon, then go to reports, delete the old one, and transfer the new one to the toolbar. That 5 minutes a day times 1 year—is 7 days of time I’ll never get back.
    2. There is no comprehensive search function,which I use daily. The search button only searches that one account. When you have 20 accounts, that’s a lot of time and work.
    3. I spent an hour with Intuit today and they couldn’t fix it. It sounded like someone from India.
    Any suggestions?

  41. GregS says:

    Looking through these and other comments I am tempted to purchase an older version of Quicken, since I am forced to update my 2011 version by April or loose functionality. Would the 2012 version be considered the best option for this to avoid stability issues? All we do on line is download info from banks and other accounts,, doubt we would need true cloud based functions or the mobile app. If we go with 2012, does that mean we would be forced to upgrade again next year if they are really on a 3 year built in obsolescence cycle?

  42. Paul Busch says:

    I’m still happy with 2010, so you’ll need to really consider why 2011 is unsatisfactory to try 2012.

    2014 didn’t work well for me at all.

    Formats changed for change sake, not for user functionality.

  43. scv91355 says:

    Since Intuit has closed the most recent post re the “focus” problem, I feel a need to contribute. No, I have not found an answer or workaround, but I’ve noticed that since the R6 Update, there are even more problems:

    When Quicken starts, it appears to be “hemorrhaging” on screen. Who knows what machinations are occurring.
    I also get a dialogue box asking me to do something, but due to screen resolution, this cannot be seen correctly.
    The bottom of the register where the Download Transactions / Update Transactions sits, refuses to “go away”. It can be closed by pressing the Done button in the lower right hand corner, but comes back after the program has restarted.

    In all the years I have used Quicken, this is the most horrible release I’ve ever seen. In the past when there have been “bugs”, they were quickly resolved. Not solving the “focus” problem is a major issue, and more of an annoyance than almost anything I’ve seen with this program. I constantly use a spreadsheet when running Quicken, so Alt-Tab is a necessity for me and other people, I’m sure. It not only requires going back to the mouse, and then a click in a field….it’s just an annoyance.

    If I was the “Big Boss” at Intuit, I’d be firing people who’ve let these releases go with thoroughly vetting them.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Joe Caridi says:

      You and I are in the same boat. The lack of maintaining focus when switching back and forth between applications, the fact that Cntrl-D fails to delete a transaction, and the fact the calendar does not update until I change the focus of a cell are making me crazy. I can’t believe that we are on R7 and these problems have not been corrected. They have worked flawlessly since 1994 and now they don’t work. The product is actually getting worse with new installments. But, maybe that is their plan. When 2015 comes out, I am probably more likely to buy it in hopes that these user experiences are corrected. Brilliant business plan! Create demand by the promise of a better product in a future upgrade! Ugh!

  44. Loucas George says:


  45. lostbits says:

    Intuit is just lazy. They have a fixed input stream and although there are many complaint, everyone keeps buying theirproduct.

    Now, being in software, it would be nice to form a group to develop an open software distribution of a Quicken-like product, maybe in Java. Quicken has made communication with banks and brokerage firms easier by popularizing a standardized and royalty free transfer protocol. All that’s necessary is to provide the functionality. Anyone interested?

    I will say that the only thing lacking in the Quicken approach taken by Intuit is competition. The errors that are in the product are just plain due to extremely bad quality control. The product is seasoned and functional changes modest. The errors show lack of diligence.

  46. Loucas George says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do something. I am not software writing savy but it seems to me that something so basic in need and so under served is a travesty. Please develope a simple to use, basic Quicken interfaced software that can be counted upon to just do the basics. I don’t need to copy my receipts except to scan them. Give me quicken 2012 that does not punk out in 3 years and I would pay good money for that!

  47. Summit1031 says:

    I have been a Quicken user for over 2o years. I always upgraded and was an extremely happy user until
    I downloaded Quicken 14. It was a nightmare and I along with my computer consultant spent between 200 and 300 hours trying to get it straight. My primary problem was my Quicken could not communicate with Quicken Bill Oay and I had to pay my bills directly from Quicken Bill Pay web page.
    This worked fine but was very time consuming. Then I had open heart surgery and had to have someone pay my bills for me (all on quicken bill pay web).

    Quicken 14 was in short a nightmare!!!!

    I down loaded the revision and have finally returned to normal. If Quicken had told me it was their problem earlier and that they were working on it I would have saved a lot of time and pain.

    When Quicken 15 comes I will be one of the last not one of the first to purchase it.

    I would like an appology and an up to date CD that I can load on my other computers.

    Quicken you let your loyal customers down.

    Michael W Haley
    1031 Summit Ave suite 2 W 1
    Greensboro, NC 27405

  48. Roger says:

    Continually Disappointed:
    I upgrade every 2 or 3 years just so the data can stay current. Thus I just upgraded from 2012 to 2014. I’m glad I got a 50% discount so I’m only 1/2 irritated! :)

    While there may be features that some like, my take is that Intuit has made some basic features more cumbersome.

    Issues, for the first day of usage:
    1. I have scanned my receipts and imported them into the transaction for many years, ever since you could first import such. In 2014 they “improved” the functionality. the only issue is that is now less straight forward than before. Maybe it is “expanded” but it is certainly less intuitive. I prefer 2012 over 2014 interface. I know I have to “learn” the new technology, but……

    2. Renaming Rules: Wow, this sucks. I don’t know what the interface in 2013 was, but comparing 2012 to 2014 there is an interface change. The key point is that functionality is decreased by the new interface. Hey, it looks nicer, but you see fewer renaming rules per screen than before. And the basic interface still sucks. Huh? Well, what long list in any program that you use still requires that you scroll through the whole friggin list to find the item you want. I could suggest several improvements in functionality, regardless of which cool looking interface you desire. For example, in Memorized Transaction, at least you can hit the “s” key and jump from “a” to the first item starting with “s”. In Renaming, you have to scroll through A, B, C, D……….S to find the item you wish. Maybe you don’t use this feature but I have over 100 renaming rules so this really irks me. Hey how about some really useful functionality like hooking Memorized Transactions and Renaming rules together? Or how about the ability to export/import Renaming rules so you can edit them in something easy, like Excel. I’d do that any day over scrolling, scrolling, scrolling to find the one I want to edit.

    3. Hum, I’ve only used for 1 one day so no #3 item yet. Sadly, I’ll come up with more items tomorrow….I’m sure.

    Intuit, it’s sad you have no real competition, with market share.

  49. Art says:

    According to the referenced article, Direct Connect does not store information on Intuit’s website. Only Express Web Connect (EWC) does storing on your behalf.

    I would use Direct Connect over EWC to avoid the potential issues with compromised financial information.


  50. Ed says:

    The most Evil thing about the 2014, is you must now download your bank transactions every time you use Online Bill Pay. Why is that Evil? Because Intuit makes extra money when you download transactions. Before you could pay bills without downloading the transactions. When you pay a bill in the morning, it downloads. When you pay a bill in the afternoon, it downloads.
    There is no new information to download, but it does get to charge you.

    There are several other steps backward like “Find” is now harder to find. Make Online payment is still hidden etc…

  51. James Cochran says:

    Obviously this guy does not bank with Wells Fargo. QW2014 has been an absolute disaster if you have WF accounts.

    • Larry Ludwig says:


      There’s no way any reviewer can test every possible combination of setups for a product as complex as Quicken. No I haven’t tested Wells Fargo, but will consider this in any future updates.

  52. lostbits says:

    The statement is not accurate in this case. Quicken has a known and fixed list of banks and brokerages that it provides an interface to. Since the list is known it is possible to exhaustively test each institution with (at the very least) a fixed script of transactions. If the argument is that though known the test time frame is not long enough to perform an exhaustive test, then test as many of the major institutions as possible and at reported failure, test others. Amongst this list of pre-release testing ensure that the all the major institutions are exercised. It would be strange to think that Wells Fargo would not be a member of the list of major institutions.

    Your Quality Assurance team has shown itself negligent in my software (QW2011) and has repeatedly not shown itself able in subsequent releases.

    • Larry Ludwig says:


      I (Investor Junkie and Larry Ludwig) have no relation to Intuit other than a reviewer of their products. When I stated:

      “There’s no way any reviewer can test every possible combination of setups for a product as complex as Quicken” Meaning I had no way to test Wells Fargo for this review. It doesn’t mean Intuit didn’t test their product against Wells Fargo (I have no idea if this is true or not).

      Which confuses me when you make this statement:

      “Your Quality Assurance team has shown itself negligent in my software (QW2011) and has repeatedly not shown itself able in subsequent releases.”

      Thinking I have any relation to Intuit and Quicken. You do realize this site isn’t Intuit right???

  53. Macygal says:

    I have been reading every post I can find to see if Q2014 does address and fix the problem of annual budgets. We want to have an annual budget without breaking it down monthly and see a report each month that shows the annual budget against actual to date. Can you get this in 2014? If so, it might be worth upgrading.

  54. OlyLady says:

    I have been a loyal Quicken user since 1994. I have always been more than satisfied with the product and use it heavily. This 2014 version, however, even after the recent update, is very buggy with 5 major problems which would cause me to switch after 20 years if only there was something to switch to! The fi ve are: losing focus; pasting; search return; adjusting splits; and speed. I formerly copied a lot of payment and receipt data from emails. In this version, when you switch to another application and return to Quicken, it loses focus and you need to click back in the same field you were in formerly. Then only one paste will work per session. Whatever is the first thing copied to the Clipboard after opening Quicken is the only thing it will paste, no matter how many things you copy afterward. Third, after searching, it returns you to the top of your register — every time, no matter where your focus was when the search began. Fourth, when you type a new amount in a split transaction, both the button to adjust and the button to cancel invoke the Cancel function. Finally, this version is simply Slow on everything from changing a transaction to reconciling.

  55. Mike says:

    Was a Quicken user since 1990… but no more. Especially being held hostage every 3 years with “shutdown of services- upgrade now!”. 2011 was my last upgrade. Intuit made the software too complex, too fast with too many requirements and limitations…

    So any recommendations for other good personal finance software?

  56. William Engler says:

    My main complaint is the sorry help you get from Intuit Support. They act like they are the consumer and I am a low life bothering them. I have been with Intuit for more than 20 years and have learned that when you upgrade expect problems and poor support. The net effect is to not upgrade until there is a really good reason to do so. Perhaps someday the Intuit CEO will learn that if he provides a support team that is glad you are providing a reason for them to have a job he will also see upgrades happen at twice the pace because people always want the latest version.

  57. Sherri says:

    Do Not Buy This Product! It is a piece of junk. No help with issues, except to say you have a problem, here is how much it will cost to fix it. No refund even though i’ve had nothing but problems and have only owned the program 3 months. Don’t waste your money

  58. Anita says:

    I recently switched from Mint.com to Quicken 2014. Their apps are ALMOST identical since Intuit owns both of them.

    One thing I miss is the pending banking transactions. Mint would show them and Quicken 2014 does not. They are very handy to monitor my accounts without having to access my actual bank. Otherwise I do like being able to OWN my data instead of having it sit online.

  59. Ann says:

    I am a long time user of Quicken. I have 2005 version and have been told that no upgrade is possible. From all the comments I am wondering if there would be an option to installing 2013 or 2014

  60. Roger says:

    I’ve also used Quicken since the early 1990s and I use it for every single financial transaction. I upgraded to 2014 from the 2011 version when it reached end of life and I must agree with one of the earlier writers that this upgrade is a disaster. While I’ve learned to live with many of its shortcomings, just today I discovered another major flaw. The company from which I retired just sent me a check from a deferred compensation account and two supplemental retirement accounts. In the past, I’ve always been able to direct deposit the proceeds into my checking account by entering the From accounts into the deposit transaction and entering the amount of federal and state income tax withheld. It no longer seems possible to do that with 2014. Every time I try, I get an error message saying “This transaction was created as a transfer to an investment transaction. In order to change it, you must go to the source transaction by using ‘Go to matching transfer’ from the Edit button”. It looks as though I’m going to have to enter each Sell transaction separately and then create a deposit transaction with the federal and state income tax withheld. While this will work, it creates an erroneous impression since I never received the gross proceeds, only the net after taxes. I hate this version!

  61. Dave Durnford says:

    Well I’ve finally given up on Quicken 2014 – a user since 1991
    The conversion from 2011 to 2014 went relatively smoothly – yet it lost all of my attachments in two of my accounts (which were major diary accounts) – yet the real reason I have dumped Quicken is that version 2014 is away too slow compared to 2011 (refreshing the screen every transaction).
    I dealt with support on all issues, wasted a ton of time reinstalling 2011, then trying 2014 again – yet insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result!
    Finally now I have converted to my banks software (Royal Bank – my finance tracker) and to my surprise it actually is better – doing all of my multiple account downloads automatically from 6 different banks and investment houses – even their search function works well.
    For major attachments I redesigned my system to use Evernote and again it is superior.
    I am now past the sunset of 2011 and Quicken is history.

  62. Newfie joe says:

    I have just spent most of this Canada day trying to change over from Quicken 2011 Home and Office to Quicken 2014 cash manager. I won’t bore anyone with the details but in short, it doesn’t work. After contacting support (who weren’t aware you could convert the files to go down to a lower version – Cash Manager) I asked for a refund. The message I keep getting is there are accounts which require an upgrade to Home and Business 2014 (and another $70 dollars). After uninstalling 2014 and reinstalling 2011 and trying to follow the instructions from the website which don’t seem to follow what is on my screen and then reinstalling I still get the same message and can’t get at my data. In short it doesn’t work. To anyone contemplating Quicken – don’t!

  63. Barry Hayden says:

    What a terrific website! It makes me feel good to read over many of the entries. I have been using Quicken for Windows since the early 90’s on a PC until 2008 when I switched to Mac (thanks to “Vista”. I also then switched to Quicken 2007 for Mac. That lasted 4 or 5 months. That was a disaster. Someone told me about “Parallels”. I used that and switched back to Quicken for Windows. Parallels frustrated me for a while and I purchased (about $600) a PC laptop just for Quicken. After a while, that became too cumbersome and took up too much desktop space. I then switched back to “Parallels”. You can see that I really wanted to use my Quicken, which I upgraded about every 3 years. I am currently on Quicken 2013, and contemplating upgrading to Quicken 2014.
    I have always used the Budgeting features of Quicken. This became very difficult in 2013, compared to previous versions. I am currently retired, and use the Budgeting to figure out how much of my savings I am going to have to use each year to continue my lifestyle. I actually do my budget (Income & Expense) on Excel, and then transfer it to Quicken. Each month I run the spending report to track my progress. Lately I have been noticing that my investment income (Investment Dividends and Reinvested Dividends (_DivInc, etc,)) having been showing up in my monthly reports. I went to the “Category” feature and found out I only had marked “DivInc” and not “_DivInc”. Going to the “Manage Category” feature, it would not let me add back in the categories I wanted to. This seemed like a bug to me. I checked out many other ways of trying to override this problem. Nothing seemed to work. I didn’t want to pay Quicken for my program not working properly. Therefore, I thought I would upgrade to Quicken 2014 since then the Customer Service would be “Free”. However, after reading all the above comments about Quicken 2014, I don’t know which way to turn. Any suggestions? Thank you

  64. M scott says:

    I am a relatively un savvy teck user. My daughter wants to purchase financial soft ware to use with our five bank accounts so that we can download our statements onto her computer. My Daugherty in law wants a program that will help her manage some rental property which we own. Quicken for home and office sounded like just what we needed until I started reading the reviews that frankly are horrifying. I have several questions: first can we down load the same purchased program on two different computers? Second which version should we buy? 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014? Third which update? There seem to be multiple updates of each. Since we will not be using this soft ware for tremendously complicated transactions what we really want is a program with all the bugs fixed. Forth if we buy a late addition of 2011 since this seems to have the fewest problems we we have to up grade in one year into a new version with new bugs. We could really use some advice.

    • Larry Ludwig says:

      Technically you can only buy Quicken 2014 fro Intuit. Quicken 2011 is EOL (End Of Life) and no longer supported.


      The following services to Quicken 2011 for Windows will be discontinued on April 30, 2014:

      – Online bill pay
      – Downloading financial data from your bank, credit union, credit card, brokerage, 401(k) or mutual fund accounts
      – Downloading stock quotes, news headlines and other financial information into Quicken
      – Uploading portfolio information from Quicken to Quicken.com
      – Software patches and updates

  65. Mark Whitnall says:

    8/10/2014: Quicken has become unbearably slow since the last update – you need plenty of time on your hands just to do a daily update of financial accounts and investments. There is delay of several minutes after every mouse click. I am looking for a replacement.

  66. Ginger says:

    Awesome review! Do you know if the projected balances feature works similarly to YNAB’s projected balances? I like YNAB but would love for ongoing (unplanned) transactions to be included in the projected balances without having to add them as with YNAB. Does ANY personal finance software do this?

    • Larry Ludwig says:

      YNAB works with zero-based budgeting, Quicken’s budgeting does not.

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