The Most Important Thing To Consider When Voting

November 2nd 2010 is Election Day here in the United States.  By some accounts it’s considered a very important mid-term election. Regardless of your political beliefs and whom you vote for, I suggest you go vote. Too many people don’t vote and don’t realize how fortunate we are living in the United States. There are too many countries where voting does not exist, and they are ruled by tyrants. If you don’t vote, you have no authority to complain about our elected officials.  Even if you disagree with my viewpoints, vote for what you believe to be true for you.

For this upcoming election I’ve been contemplating: as an entrepreneur and investor what’s the most important issue should I be concerned about? Is it about:

  • Jobs
  • Taxes
  • Health care reform
  • Trade policies
  • Monetary polices
  • New business rules and regulations

I’ve realized that all of these items can be summed up into a much larger question.  I believe I’ve found one fundamental belief that affects all other decisions of our elected officials. The question is:

What kind of economic pie do they believe in?

Fixed Size Pie

Does the candidate believe in fixed sized pie where there is only so much available?  That the economic pie, if you will, must be divided up into sections.  That one group gets a specific amount, another gets another part, etc., etc.  That scarcity is abound, and there is only so much pie to go around for everyone.

Growing Pie

Or does the candidate believe in a society that should grow the pie?  That we can we the people collectively can grow the pie.  We create wealth, and all will prosper in the process.

John Stossel recently discussed this very subject, and I thought the metaphor was perfect.  An older video from John Stossel’s greed report goes into more detail.

So which does your candidate believe in? Do they believe in a fixed size economic pie, or can we create more pies? As I stated in my Yakezie post, I believe the economic universe is always expanding, just like the universe.  We are creating more and more and overall making society better.  From my experience, fixed pie people believe in economic scarcity, and act accordingly with their policies.

Have a happy Halloween, and go out and vote!

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Reader Comments

  1. says

    To be fair to those who don’t vote, they consider that a valid choice as well. Some people don’t like choosing between the lessor of two evils. Then again, sometimes the lessor of two evils is better than no choice at all.

    Although I’m not American, I’ll be rooting for you guys and hope that the choices you make lead to improvements down the road.

  2. says

    This election was a tough one for me. I actually considered not voting. Then I went to the polls to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Several years ago my mother and I had this very conversation about the economy and using pies, actually growing pies as an example. At the time my mother was a private contractor who believed in growing opportunity specifically economic opportunity. She was subcontracting for a guy who believed exactly the opposite. The guy she was subcontracting for had the opportunity to work for a big, prominent foundation, but he didn’t tell them about my mother because he thought they could only hire one contractor. She was pretty hurt and that is when we had our conversation. This big, prominent foundation found out about my mother and her contribution to the other guy’s report and set up a formal agreement with her. She got the opportunity!