How Does Being Employed During Retirement Affect Social Security?

social security benefits

Though the vast majority of people begin collecting Social Security benefits at age 62, most continue to work at a traditional job, at least on a part-time basis. Others will delay collecting Social Security benefits until they reach their full retirement age, or age 70. However you handle it, being employed during retirement does have […]

What the FDIC, SIPC and FINRA Mean For Your Investments

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

The federal government has a veritable list of alphabet soup agencies that largely operate behind the scenes. You are probably already familiar with the SEC but there are other financial sectors who play a big part in the success of your investments. Agencies like FDIC, SIPC and FINRA do much to add both confidence and […]

Tax Diversification – How to Stabilize the Ever-Changing Tax Rules

tax diversification

The tax code is complicated and getting more so all the time. No matter how much investors try to adapt to the changes, there’s usually no way to stay on top of everything all the time. There’s an art to lowering your tax liability (largely through tax diversification), but there’s also a limit as to […]

FeeX Review – An Investment Fee Reducer


FeeX is a service that deals with an often overlooked aspect of investing, which is the fees you pay on the accounts you invest with. There are all kinds of fees associated with maintaining an investment account, and the job of FeeX is to reveal them to you, and then make suggestions as to alternatives. […]