What’s Your Retirement Number? How Much Do You Need to Retire Comfortably?

retirement number

Saving for retirement can be something of a Catch-22 — you’re saving money, and you keep saving money, because the goal isn’t always well-defined. That’s why you need to establish how much you really need in order to retire comfortably. Until you know what that number is, there’s really no way to know if you’re […]

Early Withdrawal Penalties – How to Keep More of Your Retirement Funds

withdraw retirement funds early

Early withdrawal penalties have become a fact of life with a wide variety of investment vehicles. They are set up as a disincentive for people to make early withdrawals from certain time-sensitive account types. This includes everything from bank issued certificates of deposits to the various tax-sheltered retirement programs available. So how can you keep […]

Investing in Annuities – 5 Types to Use as Alternative Investments

types of annuities

Annuities are investment vehicles issued by insurance companies. You can buy an annuity with either a lump sum, or through a series of periodic payments. If you pay with a lump sum, you can begin receiving payments immediately. By making periodic payments, you can begin taking payments at an agreed-upon date in the future, when […]

Top Resources to Help You Find the Best CD Rates

best CD rates

Since this is an investment site, we naturally talk frequently about various types of investments — risk investments in particular — and the need to achieve a balanced and diversified portfolio. That balance is usually achieved by holding a certain percentage of your portfolio in safe, interest-bearing investments like certificates of deposit or CDs.

When Whole Life Insurance is a Better Choice Than Term

whole life insurance

You’ve probably heard the saying, “buy term life insurance and invest the difference“. The “difference” in this recommendation is the difference between what you would pay for whole life insurance versus term life insurance. That difference is substantial. Whole life insurance is generally many times more expensive than term life insurance.