How to Estimate Your Social Security Benefits for Retirement

social security benefits

When planning for retirement investors often overlook Social Security retirement income and focus exclusively on building the largest retirement portfolio possible. While it’s always prudent to plan for a worst-case scenario, having a rough idea of what your Social Security benefits will be at retirement age is vital. Here’s how to estimate your Social Security […]

How to Stay on Track With Your Financial Goals Over the Summer

summer financial goals

Summer is a time when we tend to slow down, take vacations and our motivation often takes a holiday. This season might have something to do with the school calendar from when we were young. We would spend all year in school, until summer came. And when it did, responsibility went out the window, it […]

5 Principles Every Smart Investor Needs to Follow

smart investor

A lot of investors, particularly beginners, believe that there’s some mysterious secret to making money in the stock market. Of course, they have some help in this area from the would-be stock market gurus who feed into exactly that belief. In truth however, there is no secret at all but principles — principles every smart […]

7 Reasons Why You Won’t Regret Saving Early for Retirement

saving early for retirement

Let’s be completely honest; planning for early retirement will require a large dose of sacrifice early in life, a time when most people are focused mainly on enjoying themselves. But if you get serious about saving for early retirement, the time will come when you won’t regret it. A little extra work and discipline now, […]

Betterment vs. Wealthfront – How Do These Robo-Advisors Compare?

betterment vs wealthfront

Automated investment platforms seem to be springing up all over the web. Some are gaining a reputation well ahead of the pack. Two examples of this are Betterment and Wealthfront. In so many ways, the platforms function in similar fashion. But there are differences between the two that could serve you and your investments better.