Zero Trading Fees – How This Trend Affects Your Investments

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The long-term trend is that investment trading fees are becoming lower and lower. In fact, it isn’t even ridiculous to say that trading fees are heading towards zero at a rapid pace. There’s pressure on investment brokers, of all types, to lower their management fees, offer better services, and it’s coming from different directions.

Openfolio Review – The Power of Social Investing

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Despite the name, Openfolio is not a standard web-based investment platform or robo advisor. It’s something closer to Wall Street meets Twitter, and produces a compelling social media sharing site for the investment crowd. Will it help you to become a better investor? When you see some of the people participating on the site you […]

What Are the Tax Benefits to Opening an IRA Account?

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One of greatest advantages to saving for retirement is the tax benefits you get when investing in an IRA or other approved retirement account. Most people know there are tax benefits to opening an IRA account, but few understand how many benefits there are, and how powerful they can be in the cause of saving […]

How to Convert a Roth IRA Without Losing Money or Paying Taxes

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Just about anyone who understands the benefits of a Roth IRA, will want to convert their traditional IRA money to a Roth IRA if they can, but the income tax consequences of the conversion can be significant. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to work the conversion that will prevent you from losing money […]

5 Ways Robo Advisors are Changing the Investment Industry

Robo Advisor

When robo-advisors first started rolling out a few years ago, it’s likely they were largely ignored by the rank-in-file among the investment advisory industry. But as the years have passed, the number of robo advisory services has increased, and the sophistication of the services has grown, they’re likely a game-changer in the investment world. Their […]