How to Assemble a Financial Survival Kit to Prepare for Emergencies


We all face financial emergencies, that’s just part of life. But how you handle them will determine your success with money and building wealth. One of the best ways to combat financial setbacks is to create a financial emergency kit. Here’s how to assemble one so you’ll be prepared when disaster strikes, or the economy […]

Can You Be Too Diversified With Your Investments?


Diversification is a common problem for the majority of investors. In most cases however, the primary dilemma is either inadequate diversification, or a complete lack of it. But there is an opposite extreme that’s not much less risky, and that’s being too diversified with your investments. How do you know if you’re too diversified?

How to Estimate Your Social Security Benefits for Retirement

social security benefits

When planning for retirement investors often overlook Social Security retirement income and focus exclusively on building the largest retirement portfolio possible. While it’s always prudent to plan for a worst-case scenario, having a rough idea of what your Social Security benefits will be at retirement age is vital. Here’s how to estimate your Social Security […]

How to Stay on Track With Your Financial Goals Over the Summer

summer financial goals

Summer is a time when we tend to slow down, take vacations and our motivation often takes a holiday. This season might have something to do with the school calendar from when we were young. We would spend all year in school, until summer came. And when it did, responsibility went out the window, it […]