What is Rebalancing? How to Update Your Portfolio

Rebalancing your portfolio is one of those investment strategies that many investors know but may not understand a lot about it. While some investors rebalance their portfolios frequently, many others let it slide — either because they don’t know how or lack the time to do so. However, it’s one of those essential investment tactics that’s vital to any successful portfolio and should not be left undone.

Can You Be Too Diversified With Your Investments?

Diversification is a common problem for the majority of investors. In most cases however, the primary dilemma is either inadequate diversification, or a complete lack of it. But there is an opposite extreme that’s not much less risky, and that’s being too diversified with your investments. How do you know if you’re too diversified?

5 Simple Steps to Creating Proper Asset Allocation

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Creating a proper asset allocation is the first, best step toward becoming a successful investor. After all, it’s impossible to time the markets, and no matter how hard you try, you’ll have difficulty beating the market with any specific investment selections you make. Creating the proper asset mix then is the most substantial contribution you can make to your investment performance.

How to Choose the Best Asset Allocation Model

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There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to investing, and for this reason there are different asset allocation models that will enable you to reach your investment goals, within the scope of your risk tolerance and time horizon. Each model emphasizes a different aspect of investing — one will perform better in certain markets, and not as well in others.

Integrating Your Long-Term and Short-Term Financial Goals – Interview with Personal Capital CEO Bill Harris

Bill Harris CEO Personal Capital
“Too often, people have a disconnect between the banking and bills sides of their finances and the investing and retirement sides,” says Bill Harris. “These aspects of finance are separate, and never the twain shall meet.” Harris is the Founder and CEO of Personal Capital, a program designed to help you look at all of your accounts in one place.

6 Reasons Why Diversification Can Be Tricky

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Diversification is a buzzword that constantly pops up in regards to investing. In theory, the concept seems simple — you spread your investment capital over a sufficient number of securities, and in enough asset classes, that you avoid taking a complete bath when the market declines. But theory and reality are two very different concepts.