In today's endless banking options economy, it can be difficult to choose where to keep your money. In order to keep your financial information secure, we share some of the best banking options available.

How Much Do Your Goals Really Cost?


“When it comes to goal setting, there are often costs associated with achieving those goals,” says Mike Brodsky, MBA, a financial advisor and author of the book Incremental Improvements: Change Your Life One Small Step At A Time. When setting goals, we don’t often think about the costs involved in making it happen. At the […]

How to Get Started Using Quicken

Quicken 2015 for Windows

One of the most popular personal finance software applications on the market today is Quicken. They’ve been around for decades, and over the years I’ve used Quicken faithfully — even after getting a Mac. When I first went to college more than 15 years ago, my parents gave me a computer with a version of […]

ING Direct About To Become Capital One 360

Capital One 360

One of the bigger pieces of news in the world of banking and personal finance was the announced acquisition of ING Direct by Capital One in early 2012. In November of 2012, Capital One, N.A. and ING Direct legally became one bank.

Keep Your Financial Information Secure

Financial Information Secure

One of the biggest challenges most of us face in a world connected by technology is that it’s so easy for your financial information to get “out there.” Your financial information can be used to make fraudulent purchases, open credit accounts in your name, or take other actions.

Demystifying Swiss Bank Accounts

Swiss Bank Secrecy

The mention of a Swiss bank account ignites a storm of awe and controversy born of Switzerland’s historic commitment to privacy — a privacy associated with a tradition of secrecy.  Since the Middle Ages, the rich and über-rich funneled money into Swiss banks.  There, they became account numbers whose identities were known only by the […]