Bonds, Fixed Income and CDs

Within any portfolio there should be fixed-income options that include, bonds, bond funds and certificates of deposit (CDs). You can reduce risk and gain slow but steady income with these safe, interest-bearing investments.

Top Resources to Help You Find the Best CD Rates

Since this is an investment site, we naturally talk frequently about various types of investments — risk investments in particular — and the need to achieve a balanced and diversified portfolio. That balance is usually achieved by holding a certain percentage of your portfolio in safe, interest-bearing investments like certificates of deposit or CDs.

Why You Should Buy Stocks and Bonds Like a Business Owner

business owner
If you’re buying a business — one that would represent your primary occupation — you’d probably do an FBI number on that business to find out all you can about it, before sinking any of your hard earned money into it, wouldn’t you? That makes perfect sense. So why do people pay so much less attention to companies they’re investing money into, in the form of stocks and bonds?

Bond Ratings Explained

Bond Ratings
Bond credit ratings are without a doubt the most important measures in the bond market. Three major ratings agencies – Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, and Fitch drive the bond market with their research into bond quality.

Bonds vs. Bond Funds

Bond vs. Bond Funds
Bond. James Bond. The spy thriller movies are some of my all-time favorites, especially “Goldfinger“. He was a connoisseur of fine wines, fine women, fine sports cars, and may have been good with investing. After all, his favorite game was baccarat — he may have known that baccarat has some of the best odds at the casino.