Debt and Loans

In today's economy having debt is socially acceptable, but using our resources you can determine how to properly manage debt, and find ways to eliminate it, so you can build wealth for the future.

What’s Next? A Guide to Setting Long-Term Goals After Paying Off Debt

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Paying off debt successfully requires a lot of determination and hard work, oftentimes at the expense of other financial goals. This can push back your goal of saving for retirement and investing to build wealth. As someone that’s dealing with the plight of student loans, I have neglected many other financial priorities in hopes of […]

Beware of Leveraging Too Much Debt for Investments


Leveraging debt for investments is a strategy that gets popular during multiyear bull markets. And there’s no question — on the way up, borrowing to expand an investment portfolio can work wonders, but we should never forget that what goes up, must come down. When it comes to investing, leverage is a double-edged sword — […]

The One Thing You Need To Do Before Retiring

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You’ve put in the time at your business or on your job. You’ve amassed a large investment portfolio that should see you through your retirement years. And you even got your will and final arrangements set up on paper. But there’s one more thing to do before retiring…

How to Build a Strong Credit Profile

Credit Report

A strong credit profile isn’t a form of wealth, but it is definitely a tool that will help you get there. Though we mostly think of a strong credit profile as an advantage when it comes to borrowing money – lower interest rates, better terms, etc – it actually goes way beyond credit.

What Makes Debt Socially Acceptable?

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A lot of the time, the debate about debt revolves around whether debt is “good” or “bad” — or whether debt is just debt, and can’t be classified in positive or negative terms. What the debate really comes down to, though, is whether or not the debt is socially acceptable.

Why You Shouldn’t Prepay Your Mortgage

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To prepay or not prepay your mortgage?  That is the question. It’s up there with what’s the meaning of life, should I get married, or should I have children. There are a few reasons why you should be paying your mortgage off early.