If you want to be a successful investor, you absolutely need to understand your personal economics as well as the economy around you. These factors will have an impact on the success of your investments.

How to Rebuild Your Savings After a Catastrophic Event – PART 1

catastrophic event

What happens to your investments and savings when you’re facing a catastrophic event that’s beyond your control? This could be in the form of an economic downturn, medical emergency, or job loss or other career-related event. How do you survive and protect yourself during this situation? This post is in response to a reader question we received recently.

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Is Paying Every Employee $70k/year a Good Idea?

Capitalism Is The Problem

At the time I write this article, it’s eighteen months until the 2016 election. Even so, the Democratic party is already gearing up to make minimum wage and income inequality the two biggest issues. Hillary Clinton just announced her run for presidency, and right out of the gate she’s already made a speech about the inequality of CEOs when compared the common worker.

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How to Assemble a Financial Survival Kit to Prepare for Emergencies


We all face financial emergencies, that’s just part of life. But how you handle them will determine your success with money and building wealth. One of the best ways to combat financial setbacks is to create a financial emergency kit. Here’s how to assemble one so you’ll be prepared when disaster strikes, or the economy fails you (again).

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3 Ways Millennials Are Shaking Up Money Management


Millennials are a hot topic in the media and often get a bad rap. Described as people who were born after 1980 and often referred to as the “me” generation, Millennials are characterized by their social savviness, laziness, desire for instant gratification, and are often considered narcissistic, yet open-minded.

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How Will Your Income Survive the Taper? Interview with Vern Sumnicht


One of the biggest fears many entrepreneurs and investors have as the New Year gets underway is how the Federal Reserve’s taper will impact their incomes. As the low-interest rate environment gives way, inflation is a very real possibility. So, what can you do to preserve your income?

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