4 Lessons to Teach Your Teens About Long-Term Investing

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Teenagers: Often derided as irrational, emotional, and impulsive. But the teen years aren’t totally bad. Teens are cognitively mature enough to understand more complex reasoning (unlike younger children) and not yet set in their ways like adults. The impressionable teen years are the perfect time to assimilate children into the cult of long-term financial goals […]

Could FeeX Reduce All Investing Fees? Interview with CEO, Yoav Zurel

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“Last year alone, Americans paid $600 billion in financial services fees,” says Yoav Zurel, the CEO of FeeX. “That’s more than entertainment and construction, and it accounts for about 4% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Profit.” According to says Zurel, the financial services sector collects about $1.3 trillion in fees a year, worldwide. That’s a […]

5 Ways Robo Advisors are Changing the Investment Industry

Robo Advisor

When robo-advisors first started rolling out a few years ago, it’s likely they were largely ignored by the rank-in-file among the investment advisory industry. But as the years have passed, the number of robo advisory services has increased, and the sophistication of the services has grown, they’re likely a game-changer in the investment world. Their […]

Dividend Reinvestment Plans: What are DRIPs?


One of the ways that many investors like to earn money from their portfolios is through dividend investing. Companies that pay dividends to their shareholders are often considered solid bets — especially dividend aristocrats. When companies pay dividends, they are returning some of their profits to shareholders. These dividend payouts are different from stock appreciation, […]

5 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Your 529 Plan

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As you are probably aware, the cost of obtaining a college education is an extremely expensive one these days. Even students and families from an upper middle class background can feel pinched by the burden created by tens of thousands of dollars in tuition costs, textbooks, and living expenses. This grim situation has increasingly forced […]