Barron’s 2015 Survey Reveals the Best Online Brokers

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Barron’s magazine, a leader in journalism for everything business and finance, recently released their annual broker survey. This survey, now in it’s 20th year, looks at the best online brokers and evaluates them on a variety of measurements: technology, usability, offerings, amenities, portfolio analysis, customer service, and cost.

4 Things Millennials Can Teach Retirees About Investing

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When someone mentions millennials, we often think of spoiled kids who have no idea what the “real world” is like. While that’s the stereotype of millennials, the reality is that the rising generation has a lot to teach the rest of us about investing. Before you write-off millennials, here are 4 things that they might be […]

How to Simplify Your Portfolio Without Sacrificing Quality

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Over time, investors find that their portfolios become increasingly complicated and cluttered. I was surprised a few months ago when I looked at my situation and discovered I had several accounts with various discount brokerages. Not only that, but I had been trying a few investments here and there, resulting in overlap. I also had […]

6 Ways to Brace Your Investments for Inflation


Inflation presents special challenges to investors. Even if your investments are growing in value, inflation is still reducing that value on the backend. The only way to deal with it successfully, is to be sure that your money’s in investments that are likely to benefit from inflation, while avoiding those that tend to be especially […]