How to Prepare and Protect Your Digital Investment Assets

digital investment assets

When you consider estate planning you probably think more about your real estate investments or your retirement account. However, you might have other investments that might not come immediately to mind. Many of us don’t think of our digital investment assets, but the reality is that they exist — and you need to plan for […]

What Age Should Kids Open an Investment Account?

saving early for retirement

With markets doing phenomenally well the last few years, lots of parents are thinking of ways to give their kids a head start on saving and building wealth. Money markets and certificates of deposit offer rates barely higher than inflation, and don’t offer a lot of potential for significant growth. An investment account is a great way […]

Summary of the 3 Types of Online Financial Advisors

online financial advisors

In the past several years, investment startups and entrepreneurs have popped up all over the place. Their goal? To address the financial services industry’s past inability to provide personalized but affordable advice to investors who don’t have large amounts of money. Recent developments have shown that these new players are here to stay, at least […]

Is the Stock Market Rigged?

stock market rigged

People who are inexperienced with investing are often wary of the validity of the stock market. While savvy investors use the stock market as a way to build wealth, others do not want to deal with its volatile nature. The stock market is just one aspect of having a balanced portfolio, but some recent reports […]