Robo Advisors vs. Financial Advisors – Which One Should You Use?

robo vs traditional advisor

Robo advisors, or fully automated online investment platforms, are springing up quickly, appealing mainly to new and younger investors. But does that mean that they’re right for every investor, in all circumstances? Are there times when you might be better off with a traditional investment advisor, rather than a robo advisor? Yes!

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Dividing Up Your Paycheck – How Much Goes to Saving and Investing?

dividing up your paycheck

Saving and investing are two key aspects of building a strong financial foundation that supports your future. Saving can help you deal with unexpected expenses or help you afford your goals, while investing can help build wealth over the long-term. But when it comes to your regular paychecks, how can we put these smaller figures to work the best?

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What the FDIC, SIPC and FINRA Mean For Your Investments

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

The federal government has a veritable list of alphabet soup agencies that largely operate behind the scenes. You are probably already familiar with the SEC but there are other financial sectors who play a big part in the success of your investments. Agencies like FDIC, SIPC and FINRA do much to add both confidence and liquidity to the investment and financial entities.

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Hedgeable Review – Leveling the Playing Field for All Investors


Hedgeable is one of the many growing number of robo advisors on the market. But it might be better to think of Hedgeable as a robo advisor on steroids, or at least a robo advisor for a more sophisticated investor. They use a similar investment format to other robo advisors, but with a lot more options.

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Barron’s 2015 Survey Reveals the Best Online Brokers


Barron’s magazine, a leader in journalism for everything business and finance, recently released their annual broker survey. This survey, now in it’s 20th year, looks at the best online brokers and evaluates them on a variety of measurements: technology, usability, offerings, amenities, portfolio analysis, customer service, and cost.

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4 Things Millennials Can Teach Retirees About Investing

millennials teach investing

When someone mentions millennials, we often think of spoiled kids who have no idea what the “real world” is like. While that’s the stereotype of millennials, the reality is that the rising generation has a lot to teach the rest of us about investing. Before you write-off millennials, here are 4 things that they might be able to teach you about investing.

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How to Simplify Your Portfolio Without Sacrificing Quality

investing strategy

Over time, investors find that their portfolios become increasingly complicated and cluttered. I was surprised a few months ago when I looked at my situation and discovered I had several accounts with various discount brokerages. Not only that, but I had been trying a few investments here and there, resulting in overlap. I also had random assets that didn’t really fit my investing plan. My portfolio had, with very little effort on my part, become complex and bloated.

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