7 Outcomes to Expect When a Downturn in the Market Occurs

downturn in market
When a full on downturn in the market occurs, it won’t come with a whole lot of fanfare — at least not at the beginning. It will likely start slowly, and build momentum. Unfortunately, that’s also the reason why market downturns are so difficult to prepare for, or even to predict.

How to Focus on Total Income Yield Not Just Dividend Returns

dividend returns
Is it possible to be blinded by dividends income and investment returns? Oh yes, and this is a common pitfall of being a smart investor. You may focus primarily, or even exclusively, on the dividend yield of a stock, but total income yield looks at the bigger picture. Here’s how to focus on total income and overall investment health instead of being blinded by dividend returns.

How to Get Started With Personal Capital

Personal Capital
Personal Capital is one of our favorite personal finance apps for a reason. While we think Mint is a decent budgeting tool for personal finances, it’s inadequate when it comes to net worth tracking or investment planning. Mint generally targets users who are just starting with their finances, while Personal Capital is more advanced and offers better features.

10 Criteria to Consider When Choosing the Right Broker

investment broker
On the surface, choosing an investment broker seems like a simple process. In reality however, it isn’t always. You want to make sure this broker has the right credentials, understands the market, and has similar wealth-building beliefs as you do. There are at least ten different criteria you should consider before settling on the best broker for your individual investment needs.

How to Stop Worrying About Short-Term Investment Losses

worry about short-term losses
Even long-term investors can find themselves feeling uncomfortable about short-term losses in this stock market environment. After all, nobody likes to lose money, and a double-digit loss in your portfolio could have negative implications for your long-term financial plans. In order to successfully build wealth, you have to learn to stop worrying about short-term losses.

What Can I Do to Protect My Investments From a Market Downturn?

market downturn
We’re not attempting to predict the next market downturn, and certainly not a market crash. But it is actually certain that a downturn of some sort is already happening and will continue to do so in the future. It’s always best to have at least a loose plan in place to protect yourself and your investments from such an event.