How to Get Over Your Fear of Investing in the Stock Market

fear of investing

One common image used to portray “investing” is the frantic buying and selling, conducted in loud yells and spastic hand motions, on the floor of the stock exchange. The hectic rush of floor traders desperately trying to close out their orders before the bell rings at 4:00 PM sharp. Don’t let the stock market’s ups-and-downs dictate how you […]

How to Stay on Track With Your Financial Goals Over the Summer

summer financial goals

Summer is a time when we tend to slow down, take vacations and our motivation often takes a holiday. This season might have something to do with the school calendar from when we were young. We would spend all year in school, until summer came. And when it did, responsibility went out the window, it […]

Why Dave Ramsey’s 12% Return Isn’t Reality

Dave Ramsey

If you are a Ramseyhead you might take what Dave Ramsey says as gospel, and fail to question the financial guru’s opinions. I’ll be the first one to admit, I’m not a fan of Dave’s work. Getting out of debt for the most part is common sense — spend less than you earn and pay […]

5 Principles Every Smart Investor Needs to Follow

smart investor

A lot of investors, particularly beginners, believe that there’s some mysterious secret to making money in the stock market. Of course, they have some help in this area from the would-be stock market gurus who feed into exactly that belief. In truth however, there is no secret at all but principles — principles every smart […]

How to Prepare and Protect Your Digital Investment Assets

digital investment assets

When you consider estate planning you probably think more about your real estate investments or your retirement account. However, you might have other investments that might not come immediately to mind. Many of us don’t think of our digital investment assets, but the reality is that they exist — and you need to plan for […]