Zero Trading Fees – How This Trend Affects Your Investments

trading fees

The long-term trend is that investment trading fees are becoming lower and lower. In fact, it isn’t even ridiculous to say that trading fees are heading towards zero at a rapid pace. There’s pressure on investment brokers, of all types, to lower their management fees, offer better services, and it’s coming from different directions.

Why Robo Advisors Can Never Replace Traditional Financial Planning

robo advisor industry

There’s been a lot of buzz about the rise of robo advisors lately. These are companies that aim to help investors put assets to work on their behalf with the help of algorithms. Using some pre-set equations, based on certain assumptions, robo advisors can provide you with an investing plan that’s meant to prepare for […]

Openfolio Review – The Power of Social Investing

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Despite the name, Openfolio is not a standard web-based investment platform or robo advisor. It’s something closer to Wall Street meets Twitter, and produces a compelling social media sharing site for the investment crowd. Will it help you to become a better investor? When you see some of the people participating on the site you […]

How to Become Wealthy: 7 Habits of Financially Successful People

financially successful habits

Ever wonder how the wealthy people made their fortunes? Talk to a few of them and you’ll realize no two wealthy individuals followed the same path to freedom. But financial success isn’t a total mystery. There are a number of common habits among the financially successful that tend to lead to wealth, if you just pay […]

Top 5 Investing Tactics of Millionaires

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One of the most influential books I read, while on my journey to financial independence and becoming a millionaire was, The Millionaire Next Door by Dr. Thomas Stanley. This book was particularly enjoyable for me, as an aspiring wealth builder, because it refutes a commonly held perception of what millionaires look like. There are two […]