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Investing in real estate is nothing at all like investing in the stock market, or most other financial markets for that matter. Successful investing in real estate requires a full understanding of what it is you’re getting into, and a willingness to get your hands dirty.

Rental Property Update – Rebuilding After Sandy

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As I mentioned, my condo was affected by Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, as of today, the building still does not have power or heat. Which, of course, makes the building uninhabitable. All of the critical systems are located on the first floor with my condo. So not only was my unit affected, but indirectly all of the other units in the building as well. I expected the building to be in livable condition by March 2013, and I’m still sticking to my initial estimate.

Investing in Vacation Properties

Vacation Property
We don’t normally think of vacation properties as investments, but at certain times and under certain circumstances, they can be one of the best investments you can make. This can very well be one of those times.

Hurricane Sandy vs My Rental – Sandy Wins!

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Hurricane Sandy affected our finances in a big way. Fortunately, my home, family and I are all fine. Though we were out power for 4 days, I know a few friends and family still without power. As of this writing, approximately 120,000 households on Long Island are without power. We were able to survive with the poor-man’s generator I had professionally installed in our mini-van.

How Does Section 8 Housing Work? From An Landlord’s Perspective

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Ever since the Great Depression, there have been housing assistance programs in the United States. One of the most popular assistance programs is known as Section 8. With this program, a tenant’s rent payment is subsidized by the government. For landlords willing to deal with extra paperwork, and willing to do a little extra at the behest of the government, it’s possible to find stable tenants — and receive a regular rent check as income for your rental property.

You’re A Fool To Prepay Your Mortgage

This has been one of the debates that has existed though the ages. It’s right up there with, Is there life after death? What’s the meaning of life? and should I have children? The questions about a mortgage are relatively easy; Should I get a 30 year mortgage? Should I prepay my mortgage, or should I get a 15 year mortgage? I would have to say if you currently own a home or looking to buy, get a 30 year fixed mortgage.

Investing In A Rental Property

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What if someone told you the market for investing in single family homes was red hot? You might just think they’re crazy. In major markets, single family homes are red hot. BusinessWeek reports several “name brand” locales like Phoenix, Boston, and Washington D.C. are red hot with new buyers. Some owners report having multiple offers for their newly listed properties.

Our Home Is Being Foreclosed

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Well not the current house we live in, but the previous home we owned. I’m actually quite bummed out about this news. We had a lot of great memories in that place, and I am sad to see anyone experience misfortune. But is it really misfortune, or moral hazard?

1031 Exchange Rule – How To Use In Real Estate Investing

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One of the tools that real estate investors have at their disposal is the 1031 exchange. This is a type of “like-kind” exchange that allows real estate investors to defer the capital gains taxes they pay when they sell a property. Essentially, it allows them to put off paying taxes so that they have more capital available to complete the purchase of a different (hopefully more lucrative) property.