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Morningstar Review – Is The Premium Membership Worth It?

morningstar review

I’ve been a Morningstar premium member for about ten years now. They are a great resource to help assist you in your investment decisions. Their ratings system is universally known throughout the investment community. Originally they only reviewed mutual funds, but a few years ago added stocks to their reviews. Personally I look at services like Morningstar […]

ShareBuilder Review


ShareBuilder is one of the oldest online brokerage firms. One could say that ShareBuilder and I go way back. In fact, it was the first equity trading account that I ever opened in my investment career. I have since opened accounts for two of my three children. Since I have had a good bit of […]

LikeFolio Review – Where Investing Meets Social Media


People rarely invest for the sole reason of it being fun and interesting. They invest to build wealth, and set up systems that allow them to set it and forget it when it comes to their portfolios. But what if there was a company that combined investing with the average millennial’s favorite thing — social […]

Consumer Reports Money Adviser Review

Consumer reports Money Adviser

One of the most trusted names in reviews and advice is Consumer Reports. My husband receives it each month, and never makes a purchase without first checking to see what Consumer Reports has to say on the subject. A few years ago, Consumer Reports introduced a smaller publication devoted to finances, called Consumer Reports Money […]

ReadyForZero Review – Pay Off Debt to Build Wealth


As you already know from reading the other content on Investor Junkie, the first step to building wealth is paying off debt and regaining control of your money. There are multiple methods, strategies and ways you can accomplish this, but none of them have a built-in success factor like ReadyForZero.