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TD Ameritrade Review – The Perfect Online Broker?


TD Ameritrade has a long history in the brokerage industry. You have probably heard of TD Ameritrade due to its famous television commercials. Actor Sam Waterston or Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy from the Law & Order franchise is the company spokesman. They are not only accessible online, but you can visit one of the […]

Motif Investing Review – $150 Signup Bonus

Motif Investing

There are a number of online brokers out there that provide you with the chance to invest on your own at a reasonable price. One of the more novel brokerages is Motif Investing, a discount brokerage that helps you invest based on themes. It’s like building your own mini-ETF. Recently Motif ranked number four of […]

Betterment vs. Wealthfront – How Do These Robo-Advisors Compare?

betterment vs wealthfront

Automated investment platforms seem to be springing up all over the web. Some are gaining a reputation well ahead of the pack. Two examples of this are Betterment and Wealthfront. In so many ways, the platforms function in similar fashion. But there are differences between the two that could serve you and your investments better.

The Annuity Stanifesto by Stan Haithcock – Book Review

The Annuity Stanifesto

One of the most confusing financial products on the planet is the annuity. There are so many different types of annuities that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Annuities come with different terms, benefits, transfer rules, and different ways of earning money. From market-index annuities to fixed-rate annuities and from immediate annuities […]

Rebalance IRA Review – Personal Service at a Low Cost

Rebalance IRA

When it comes to your long-term retirement plan, the sad reality is that you are often your own worst enemy. Too often, you end up sabotaging yourself with high fees, or by frequent trading. The wrong asset allocation might also trip you up. Figuring out how to stay out of your own way, and make […]