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Like many people this time of year, I’m thinking about my financial goals and resolutions for the New Year. Last year was the first year I diligently tracked each and every expense, using a trusty excel spreadsheet. While I’ve been pretty good at using my system, it’s not a perfect system by any means. So […] Review – Should I Use Mint?

Mint is a FREE online personal finance (web 2.0) service similar to Quicken. Over the past several years I’ve taken for a test spin with my personal finances. With Mint you have no local software to install, and it’s a service you can access with any browser or mobile device. This review of has been […]

Quicken 2015 for Windows Review – Analyze Your Investment Portfolio

Quicken 2015 for Windows

I’ve been a long-time user of Intuit’s Quicken since 1992 — now over 20 years. My family and I track 60+ accounts within Quicken. So to say I’m a power-user of their product would be an understatement. We have every bank account, credit card, asset, retirement, investment, and liability linked within the software. For this […]

Personal Capital Review – Investment Centric Version of

Personal Capital

As I’ve discussed in my review, I think Mint is great as budgeting tool but poor for investment planning. Mint is targeting people who are just starting out with their finances (Generation Y and Z). As I mentioned previously, I wished for a web 2.0 app that focused more on the investing side of […]

MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins: Book Review

MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins

I just finished reading the latest book from Tony Robbins, Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. It’s a long title for a book, but it’s also a large book (almost 700 pages in length). This is the first book from Tony Robbins in over 20 years, so I was excited to […]

Acorns App Review – Using Your Spare Change to Invest

Acorns app

Investing is usually very complicated, but Acorns intends to simplify this process through their revolutionary mobile app. The father-son team are based in California. They created Acorns with the intention of removing any mental roadblocks, intimidation, or anxiety about becoming a regular investor. With help from the father of Modern Portfolio Theory, Dr. Harry Markowitz, […]