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SigFig Review – Your Portfolio at a Glance


SigFig was developed by the same group who developed Wikinvest, and the company is a registered investment advisor. They recently updated their offerings from just the free investment advice and accoung aggregation, to offer 3 different types of services: asset management, diversified income, and portfolio tracking.

LearnVest Review – Money Management For Everyone


When LearnVest originally began offering its services, they were aimed primarily at women. Recently, LearnVest has been moving away from a gender-based approach to financial management. The web site has been undergoing changes to be more gender neutral. The financial management tools have always been just as applicable to men as to women, but the […]

optionsXpress Review – A Top Pick for Online Trading


For just over a decade optionsXpress, now a subsidiary of Charles Schwab Corporation, has been serving the needs of millions of investors nationwide. Over the last ten years optionsXpress has worked to gain recognition in the industry, and that is exactly what they have done. Now considered a top pick for online trading, optionsXpress is […]

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Review – Is Their Service Really Free?

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab, the creator of the popular discount stock broker, originally rocked the investment world by offering stock trades at a fraction from what traditional brokers were charging. Competition is good. Robo advisors, or as Schwab likes to call it — automated investing — has become popular in the past few years. Firms like Betterment […]

Motif Investing Review – $150 Signup Bonus

Motif Investing

There are a number of online brokers out there that provide you with the chance to invest on your own at a reasonable price. One of the more novel brokerages is Motif Investing, a discount brokerage that helps you invest based on themes. It’s like building a mini-ETF. Recently Motif ranked number four of CNBC’s […]

FeeX Review – An Investment Fee Reducer


FeeX is a service that deals with an often overlooked aspect of investing, which is the fees you pay on the accounts you invest with. There are all kinds of fees associated with maintaining an investment account, and the job of FeeX is to reveal them to you, and then make suggestions as to alternatives. […]

Why I’ve Switched from Using Quicken to Personal Capital

switched from Quicken to Personal Capital

I’ve been a long time user of Intuit’s Quicken, as I’ve mentioned in my Quicken reviews over the years. In fact, I’ve been using Quicken since it was a Microsoft MSDOS product (over 20 years). But due to the lack of new features, functionality, the software’s quirkiness, constant upgrades and bugs, it’s unfortunately time for […]