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Motif Investing Review – Low Cost Themed Diversifcation

Motif Investing

There are some online brokers out there that provide you with the chance to invest on your own at a reasonable price. One of the more novel brokerages is Motif Investing, a discount brokerage that helps you invest based on themes. It’s like building a mini-ETF.

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Personal Capital Review – Investment Version of

Personal Capital

As I’ve discussed in my review, I think Mint is great as a budgeting tool but inadequate for investment planning. Mint is targeting people who are just starting out with their finances. As I mentioned previously, I wished for service that focused more on the investing side of personal finance; retirement, asset allocation, and taxes. Personal Capital is two services, the free to use portfolio aggregator, and their paid advisory service.

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Acorns App Review – Using Your Spare Change to Invest


For many of us, investing can seem overly complicated and somewhat intimidating if you don’t know the ins-and-outs. But Acorns intends to simplify and demystify this process through their revolutionary mobile app. The father-son team, who are based in California, created Acorns with the intention of removing any mental roadblocks, or anxiety about becoming a regular investor.

With help from the father of Modern Portfolio Theory, Dr. Harry Markowitz, Acorns recommends optimized portfolios and keeps them on track with automatic rebalancing and dividend reinvestment.
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Sliced Investing Review – Hedge Funds for Every Investor

Sliced Investing

You’ve doubtlessly heard plenty of chatter about hedge funds — about how the very rich and “insiders” are using them to gain investment opportunities that are unavailable to us less privy investors. There’s plenty of hyperbole concerning hedge funds, but you may no longer be excluded from the party. A firm called Sliced Investing is democratizing access to hedge funds, so they’re not just for the rich and connected anymore.

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SmartyPig Review – Simple Savings and Financial Goals


Saving for different financial goals is much easier when you have separate bank accounts to track your progress. But usually that means opening up multiple savings accounts at your current bank, and having to manage a lot of transactions and fund transfers.

To make this process seamless and simple, SmartyPig’s service allows you to create dedicated goals and still use one checking account for everything. Plus it’s completely free!

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SigFig Review – Your Portfolio at a Glance


SigFig was developed by the same group who developed Wikinvest, and the company is a registered investment advisor. They recently updated their offerings from just the free investment advice and accoung aggregation, to offer 3 different types of services: asset management, diversified income, and portfolio tracking.

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LearnVest Review – Money Management For Everyone


When LearnVest originally began offering its services, they were aimed primarily at women. Recently, LearnVest has been moving away from a gender-based approach to financial management. The web site has been undergoing changes to be more gender neutral. The financial management tools have always been just as applicable to men as to women, but the content on the site is undergoing a change. And now they’ve recently been purchased by another financial company.

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optionsXpress Review – A Top Pick for Online Trading


For just over a decade optionsXpress, now a subsidiary of Charles Schwab Corporation, has been serving the needs of millions of investors nationwide. Over the last ten years optionsXpress has worked to gain recognition in the industry, and that is exactly what they have done. Now considered a top pick for online trading, optionsXpress is the number one choice for many traders, serving the needs from beginner traders to the most seasoned investors.
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