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We've reviewed and compared more than 15 personal finance apps. Our goal is to bring you the most honest, simple, and informative reviews. Turns out, users also want to compare specific applications. This review compares and PocketSmith. The better software depends on your needs. So let's dive in and figure out which is right for you.

When it comes to personal finance software, users care most about: the cost (if there is any), whether or not the software can be used for budgeting, and whether or not the software has support for bill paying. Let's look at how and PocketSmith compare against each other.

To start, let's consider the cost the use either service. Currently, is a free personal finance app. In comparison, PocketSmith is $0.00 – $19.95/month.

Budgeting is another huge topic when it comes to personal finance. Both and PocketSmith have the ability for users to budget within their apps, so it's a tie with this functionality.

When it comes to bill paying unfortunately neither or PocketSmith offer this functionality.

Overall, rates 8.5 out of 10, while PocketSmith ranks 7 out of 10. For more information on either, you can read our full reviews on and PocketSmith.

Customer Service 6/108.5/10
Ease of Use 9/108/10
Price$0, 0, free/month$0.00, 19.95, month/month
Trial Period0 Days0 Days
Refund Policy
Bill Payment
Bill Management
Investment Tracking
Retirement Planning
Tax Reporting
Reconcile Transactions
Credit Score Monitoring
Zillow Tracking
Custom Categories
Manual Entries
Import QFX, QIF Files
Currency SupportUS/CanadaMultiple
Two-Factor Authentication
Customer ServiceEmailEmail

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