Best Investing Podcasts for 2021

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Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn, especially when it comes to a topic like investing. The world of investing has a lot of levels to it. As you grow as an investor, you’ll be interested in learning about new types of investments, strategies, and options that are out there.

Podcasts are also a great way to learn on the go. You can listen to one in the car or while walking. And you don’t have to stare at a screen to enjoy it. It’s information that you can take with you as you move throughout the day. For people who always have somewhere to be, podcasts are a way to keep learning without feeling tied down.

No matter what kind of investor you are or where you are on your investing journey, there is a podcast for you.

Best Podcast for New Investors

If you’re dipping your toes into the waters of investing, check out The Dough Roller Money Podcast. This show speaks with experts on not only investing but money management overall. The show highlights a lot of essential topics that play into your investment strategy, as well as covering a lot of ground on investment-specific information. Plus, they interview financial experts and find successful investors to share their stories with listeners.

Best Podcast to Understand Fiscal Policy

The markets are in touch with policy and politics. What happens in Congress and the White House affects the stock market, so it’s not a bad idea to follow along with current events when considering your stock portfolio.

To that end, Planet Money is a great podcast that keeps you up to date on fiscal policy and bigger-picture investment news. The show’s tagline is “The economy, explained.” You’ll find episodes on topics like holiday scams, specific types of taxes, and international news that impacts Americans’ wallets. The episodes are interesting and well worth a listen.

Best Podcast for Real Estate Investors

This category has two winners. The BiggerPockets real estate podcast is everything you’ve ever wanted from an investing podcast. The show is in-depth, covers a wide range of real estate topics and speaks to individuals about their experiences in real estate. It’s excellent for people looking to do a broad and deep dive into the world of real estate.

However, BiggerPockets can be very male-centered, and women’s money moves differently. For listeners looking for a show that concentrates on women and real estate, look into Real Estate Investing For Women with Moneeka Sawyer. This addresses not only the world of real estate but specific issues women face with their money and investments.

Best Podcast for DIY Investors

Another category with two winners! Since everyone starts their money journey in a different place, we thought it best to award this category to two shows that cover a lot (and we mean a lot) of financial ground.

First up, the Money for the Rest of Us podcast. This show is designed to help people craft their investing strategies. The show covers everything from how international trade policies and tariffs can affect your investments to figuring out how we measure inflation and what that means for your finances.

Our other winner is Afford Anything. Host Paula Pant is a financial expert with a real estate and financial independence background, and she covers a lot of ground with her show. You’ll get basic finance, high-level investing, real estate investing, and frugality from her episodes. Paula shares her journey and others’ financial successes, so DIY investors can pick and choose what will work best for them.

Best Podcast for a 360 Investing Overview

The Money Tree Investing Podcast takes a different approach to podcast formatting that deeply benefits listeners. Rather than just the simple interview-an-expert or two-hosts-talking-to-each-other formats, Money Tree finds experts to interview and then has a roundtable discuss both the expert and the issue at hand.

This format is a refreshing take, and it also provides listeners with many different perspectives on one issue. Each episode is a deep dive into a separate financial topic. The show covers everything from trade wars to millennial investing, so there’s an episode that’s sure to address your investing questions.

Best Podcast to Learn From Overall

So Money by Farnoosh Torabi is not specifically investing-focused in every episode. But she does interview top investment experts on the show, as well as other personal finance and personal development leaders.

On So Money, you can listen to everyone from Arianna Huffington to Seth Godin and learn from their expertise. Learning about money in the big-picture sense is helpful for your investments. If you budget better, you’ll have more money to invest. If you understand how to diversify your investments, you’ll be able to build a more secure portfolio.

The Final Word

Podcasts are a great addition to your financial education. With so many money podcasts out there, you can find all the financial information you’ll ever need. Combine podcasts with your own financial goals and other mediums of learning, and you can chart your financial course.

Kara Perez

Kara Perez is a freelance personal finance writer. She is the founder of, a company that connects women and money. Kara lives in Austin, TX and believes in the power of budgeting and peanut butter.

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