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Stash Invest — see our review — is an automated investment service. Similar to Betterment and more closely related to Acorns, Stash Invest will take small amounts and invest into the stock market. You're given a choice of 30-plus investment options to choose from.

If you're just starting out, Stash Invest is a great way to start investing for long-term growth. The company charges a subscription fee of $1 per month ($12 per year) for the basic account, Acorns Lite, but they also offer a $3/mo plan and a $5/month plan. Electronic statements and trade confirmations are free, but Acorns charges $2 for paper confirmations and $5 for paper statements.

In order to qualify for this promotion you must:

  1. Download the Stash App by using the orange “Get My $5” button on their site
  2. Set up your Stash account

No other steps! Within two business days Stash Invest will put $5 into your account. Stash has apps for Android and Apple iOS devices. Currently, you cannot access your account via the website. However, for Millennials, whom the service is targeting, this shouldn't be an issue, since many in this age group use a phone as their only device.

The promotion is available only for new Stash individual investors aged 18 years or older who meet eligibility and suitability requirements. This offer is valid for only one new individual account with Stash Invest per person.

Stash Invest requires a $5 minimum deposit, but with the $5 cash offer you are in effect doubling your money.

Larry Ludwig

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