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TradeStation is considered the gold standard for online stock brokers. For a low cost, the platform lets everyday traders take advantage of features and applications that were once available only to brokers. And it's easier than ever to get started.

Investors love TradeStation's simple pricing structure. With a required minimum investment of only $500, you'll pay only $5 per trade (plus 50 cents per options contract) for most securities. Mutual funds cost $14.95 to trade. Plus, there are no software fees.

Is TradeStation Right for You?

TradeStation targets the active technical trader. You can trade stocks, options futures and forex all from one platform.

TradeStation's trading platform allows you to track hundreds of symbols in real time with RadarScreen®. You have the ability to get features such as:

  • OptionStation® Pro, an options trading platform that features interactive 2-D and 3-D position/risk graphs to help you build, evaluate, and track virtually any options position
  • Portfolio-level back-testing that lets you evaluate performance, risk and optimization scenarios for virtually any combination of symbols and strategies.
  • Chart-based trading that allows you to quickly and easily place trades and manage positions and orders from a chart in real time.

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